Mamut has appointed a new editor-in-chief “Газеты.Ru”

The owner of the holding Rambker&Co Alexander Mamut

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The new editor-in-chief “Газеты.Ru” is Olga Alexeeva, which until then had been a Department editor of “Business”. The appointment came a few hours after the resignation Svetlana Babayeva

The new editor-in-chief “Газеты.Ru” appointed Olga Alexeeva, who previously headed the editorial division of the business. This was at a meeting with the team was announced by the owner of the holding Rambker&Co, which includes publishing, Alexander Mamut.

Prior to his appointment as editor-in-chief Alekseev worked in “Газете.Ru” more than 10 years.

“17 years ago “, the Newspaper” read only on the computer now a third of the audience reads us from the screens of mobile devices. In the near future we will report the latest and most current information using new technologies. I’m sure that this digital revolution we will lead” – the words quoted Alexeyeva RNS.

The three interlocutors of RBC in the wording, Alekseeva is a “good personal relationship” with the shareholder “Газеты.Ru” Mamut.

Tuesday Rambler&Co announced resignation from the post of chief editor Svetlana Babayeva.She led the publication since September 2013. Before Babayev headed the policy division in the “news” and oversaw the bureaus of the “RIA Novosti” in the UK and the USA.

In the message of the Rambler&Co was noted that Babayev left his post in connection with the expiration of the contract. The four source of RBC in the wording “Газеты.Ru” he said that we are talking about retirement and that most Babayeva the shareholders ‘ decision was a surprise. On his retirement Babayev announced in the morning edition of July 5, said one of the interlocutors RBC. He said that at that moment, Babayev did not know the reasons for his dismissal.

Babaeva and Alekseev at the time of publication had not responded to requests to RBC.

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