Medvedev has proposed to export Russian education

Education in Russia has become an article of export, and attracting new talented professionals. The government plans to soften immigration laws for foreign students and to create for them comfortable conditions

The export of Russian education should be a national responsibility, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday at session of Presidium of the presidential Council of the Russian Federation for strategic development and priority projects, reports RBC. “Export education is not only and not so much the ability to earn for the universities, first of all, this is one of the strongest factors of interpersonal communication, extension of cultural contacts, attraction in national economy of the most talented people who can stay,” — said Medvedev. According to him, we are talking about globalization of Russian education in the coming years, competition for foreign students around the world will increase.

According to UNESCO projections, the number of foreign students in the world by 2025 may exceed 7 million people and the volume of international market of educational services — “billions of dollars”, said the Prime Minister.

“American high school earns foreign students <…> is 15 times more than it spends on the US government”, — said Medvedev. He also stressed that the US education is the fifth most important export. Russia ranks fourth or fifth in the world in services exports, said the Prime Minister, after the USA, UK, France, Germany and Australia and shares the position with Canada. “In this sense, our opportunities are there, but they need to grow,” said Medvedev.

To develop the export of Russian educational services will be in accordance with the priority of the project, said the head of government. It is necessary to improve the legislation that regulates the enrolment and issuance of foreign citizens and the procedure for their entry and stay in the country, said Medvedev. “In particular, the need to adjust immigration laws to make them more calm, loyal to foreign students,” he said.

It is also planned to create a consortium of the leading Russian universities, “in which there is a positive experience” to learn the basic approaches to creation of system of export of education. The project also will involve the Russian corporations, “which are active in foreign markets”, said the head of government. “To offer truly unique programs of study in those areas where our science and technology leaders, and such scope is. Many technology education and science, natural Sciences, engineering Sciences, they are valued abroad,” — said Medvedev. Besides, it is necessary to work out the employment and training of students for the training and vacations, so that foreign students could study and live in normal conditions, work and rest in Russia.

These measures, according to Medvedev, will lead to the fact that by 2025 Russia will be 3.5 times more foreign students and graduate students of the Russian programs.

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