Medvedev instructed to halve the pressure on business, the reform of supervision

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

Photo: Yekaterina Shtukina/TASS

The quality of the administration of Supervisory functions by 2024 is expected to increase by 50%, while the administrative burden on business to this deadline should be reduced by half, according to government documents

By 2018, the administrative burden on business must be reduced by 20%, and by 2024 it should be reduced by half 50%. Such indicators it was decided to take as a basis in developing the priority program “Reform of control and Supervisory activities”.

The decision was taken following the meeting of the Presidium of the Council under the Russian President for strategic development and priority projects, which was held on 19 October associated with its implementation instructions published on the government website on Monday, October 31.

The mandate States that the meeting, which was chaired by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, made the basis for the indicators of the priority programme for the reform of supervision and control. Among them — “reducing the administrative burden on organizations and individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activities, not less than 20% by 2018, and not less than 50% by 2024”.

In addition, it is planned to reduce the number of “deaths on the controlled types of risk not less than 15% by 2018, and not less than 50% by 2024”, the number of diseases and poisonings in this region by 2024 shall also be reduced by half. The level of material harm by 2014 is expected to decline by 30%.

By 2024, the growth of index of quality of administration of Supervisory functions is expected to increase by 50% growth by 2018 is defined in 25%.

The Board decided to accept the proposals of the Minister for open government Mikhail Abyzov on the reform of supervision and control, and identified eight basic approaches to reform.

Speaking at the Council meeting, Medvedev said that the number of control bodies in the country is “intimidating”. “Only at the Federal level we have 40 Supervisory authorities. Across the country at the regional and municipal level, 10 thousand of bodies of the control (figure, of course, terrifying) and about 100 thousand inspectors, who are engaged in it”, — said Medvedev.

He also noted that “oversight of the means of maintaining the rule of law in many cases has become an instrument of pressure on the various social environments, including business.”

At the beginning of October, economic development has prepared a document to combat “cane system” all regulatory authorities. The draft presidential decree, which established the Department, introduced the criteria for assessment of activity of bodies of control and supervision. The latter include, for example, emergencies Ministry, interior Ministry, Roskomnadzor, Rosselkhoznadzor etc.

The Ministry proposed to evaluate the performance of agencies by number of citizens killed or injured as a result of the phenomena, the removal of which directed their work. Among other criteria, the material damage caused to citizens, companies and state, harm competition, financial stability, defence, and cultural heritage and the environment. A separate issue is the damage to public morals.

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