Medvedev suggested that all the companies benefit in the form of income tax to 5%

Dmitry Medvedev at the plenary session of the state Duma

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The government proposes to introduce a common investment promotion to support the modernization of enterprises. Companies investing in modernization, will be eligible for a reduced fourfold income tax at the rate of 5%

The government proposes to consider the introduction of a common investment incentives to support domestic producers. This was told Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s report to the State Duma on Wednesday, April 19, the correspondent of RBC. According to Medvedev, any company investing in new production, can expect reduced income tax to 5% (instead of the General rate 20%).

“[The support] needs to be more systematic, adapted to the current macroeconomic situation. <…> We propose to consider the introduction of investment incentives. Common. Referring to lowering income tax to 5% if the funds are spent on investments in fixed capital of the enterprise, namely, reconstruction, modernization of production, with high-technology equipment”, — said the Prime Minister, answering a question that is going to take the government to attract investment in the Russian economy.

Medvedev explained that it is a system measure that will affect all businesses. The introduction of such benefits support the Ministry, he said, and the government hopes to support this idea, and from colleagues in the state Duma.

The Prime Minister said that these topics were discussed at the meeting with the President on Monday, — trends in the strengthening of the ruble and the possibility of purchasing of equipment to reconstruct of the enterprise. “Another observation: you would think that part of this benefit was required due to Federal income tax. This would affect agriculture and the manufacturing industry. But this is only a proposal,” he added.

In addition, according to Medvedev, the government plans to support the IT companies who are now “growing rapidly and are the drivers of high-tech development.” Patenting and licensing can get in the list latinoamer in the taxation of costs and the exact list of such costs remains to be determined by the government, said the Prime Minister.

Now the mechanism of investment benefits income tax is applied in the framework of regional investment projects (RIP) and territories of priority development (tpd). The residents of TOR for five years are exempt from paying Federal income tax (generally 3%), and their payments to the regional budget may not exceed 5% over the same five years after receiving the first profit. Rips the participants do not pay income tax to the Federal budget within ten years, and the regional part of the tax for them does not exceed 10% within five years. The regions in both cases, you can set the rate on income tax down to zero.

In March 2017, the Finance Ministry wrote that the Tax code already contains a sufficient number of preferences of an investment nature and the imposition of additional tax benefits on profits is impractical.

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