MegaFon launched a range of tariffs at higher prices

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The cellular company “MegaFon” has launched a new range of tariff plans. New offers still more expensive, but contain more features. Experts note that the operator of the mirror responded to the actions of competitors

Part of the “big three” mobile operators MegaFon may 29 launched a new tariff range called “register”. About it commercial Director of the company Vlad Wolfson announced at a press conference, the correspondent of RBC. In the new line of divided rates “for its subscribers ‘requirements”: communication via SMS, messengers and social networks, listening to music, chatting, watching movies and videos.

The starting tariff range MegaFon announced last week, may 25, during the presentation of its new three-year strategy. The operator is betting on attracting digital customers and the translation of this category existing subscribers. Under digital operator understands those monthly consumes a large amount of mobile Internet traffic, is actively using mobile applications, communicating by messengers, uses the phone to pay for goods and services.

According to Vlad Wolfson, more than 60% of new connections have a “digital” subscribers, and overall they now account for a third of the customer base of the operator. The purpose of “Megaphone” — to ensure that they were the majority. According to Wolfson, the new tariffs do not contain redundant services and was created based on research conducted jointly with Mail.Ru Group (since the beginning of this year controlled by “MegaFon”). In particular, the operator has provided all packages include unlimited access to messenger “MegaFon” eMotion, as well as independent of it WhatsApp and Viber. In the individual rates also the subscriber gets unlimited access to social networks Vkontakte, Facebook and Odnoklassniki (the rate of “Communicate”), or music service “Vkontakte.Music” BOOM, “Yandex.Muzyka” and Zvooq (tariff “Listen”) or to the video sharing YouTube, Vimeo, RuTube, “MegaFon TV” (cash, “See”).

Junior tariff line (“Write”) in Moscow will cost 350 rubles per month. For this sum the subscriber will receive 350 minutes of outgoing calls, 200 SMS and 2 GB mobile Internet (other services are available for a fee). The most expensive tariff — a Premium — for 3 thousand rubles. per month — includes 5 thousand minutes of outgoing calls, unlimited SMS, 20 GB mobile Internet on any of the services and another 20 GB on YouTube, RuTube and Vimeo, as well as unlimited access to the affiliate instant messengers, social networking and music services.

In 25 regions of Russia (not including Moscow and St. Petersburg) will be available special rate “open”: 150 RUB. per month subscribers will receive 200 minutes of outgoing calls and 200 SMS as well as a small package of the mobile Internet. For example, to Nizhny Novgorod is 2 GB, said the representative of the operator.

So far MegaFon has operated a tariff line “All inclusive”. In the Junior “All inclusive XS” in Moscow for 220 rubles. per month, the subscriber gets 200 minutes of calls to numbers of “Megaphone” in the country and an unlimited number in the home region, as well as 1.5 GB of mobile Internet in the home region. In high tariff line “All inclusive VIP” for 2.7 thousand. the subscriber has received 5 thousand minutes of calls to any Russian number, including while traveling in the country, 5 thousand TEXTS, and 20 GB of mobile Internet and four of the film and package “the Megaphone” in the TV service operator.

So far, no breakouts

The main competitors of “MegaFon” — representatives of MTS, “VympelCom” and “T2 RTK Holding” (Tele2) — did not comment on its new rates.

According to the CEO of the company “TMT Consulting” Konstantin Ankilova, the new tariffs of “MegaFon” above average customer cheque. According to the “TMT Consulting”, ARPU (average score per user) of “MegaFon” in 2016 amounted to RUB 287 the company last disclosed the size of this index in 2014, then ARPU amounted to RUB 321 “Line as a whole corresponds to strategy of the company — upgrade subscribers to the level of “digital” — says Ankilov. He also said that new tariffs — implementation of requirements of FAS on bringing the cost of roaming when travelling through Russia to the level of prices in the home region.

Competitors of “MegaFon” previously presented their new tariffs with similar options. So, the “T2 RTK Holding” on most tariffs you unlimited access to Facebook, “Vkontakte”, “Classmates”, as well as WhatsApp and Viber. Free traffic also works on mobile app Tele2 TV and audioservice Zvooq, said the representative of “T2 RTC Holding”. “The market is the market, MegaFon had a mirror to meet the competitors, who previously came up with a solution with social networks and messengers, — said the analyst of “URALSIB” Konstantin Belov. — Do not expect any breakthrough from the “MegaFon”, the competition in the market remains high”.

The analyst iKS-Consulting Maxim Savvatin noted that the new proposal “a Megaphone” has a significant difference. The operator first allowed to buy traffic to it. For example, a package of instant messengers — Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, eMotion, Facebook Messenger, “tamtam” for 2 rubles per day. According to him, the operator such policies must not cause inconvenience because the traffic of the messenger is primarily a “mild” text.

While Savvatin says that foreign operators now do not think about such digitalization. For example, in the United States between operators there is a race for unlimited tariff. However, there ARPU is $40 (2,3 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation). “In Europe, until recently, the main trend was the inclusion in the base packages of roaming in the European Union — said Savvatin. Now local operators are trying to keep ARPU and looking for new sources of growth”. According to him, this new services and markets such as Internet of things, mobile video, cloud services, etc. According to Cavatina, in Germany at the end of 2016 ARPU amounted to €13 (824 RUB), France — €20 (1.3 thousand rubles).

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