Moscow authorities have proposed to create a consortium for the development of 5G networks

Mobile communications tower

Photo: Sergey Maligawa / RIA Novosti

The Moscow government invited the operators to create a consortium for joint development of communication networks of the fifth generation. Roughly the cost of a 5G network in the capital is estimated at $10 billion

The mayor’s office is discussing with mobile operators the creation of a consortium for the development of communication networks of the fifth generation – 5G. On this edition of “Kommersant” told the head of the Department of information technology (DIT) of Moscow Artem Ermolaev.

“5G will require from the participants of the cellular market fold increase in the number of base stations and a completely different principle of network planning, which would entail large investments. This means that operators, in fact, I have to build a large infrastructure, which is quite difficult,” — said Ermolaev.

“Therefore, in order not to deprive the 5G project’s investment attractiveness, we are thinking about joining forces,” — said the official.

DIT will offer operators “creating a unified infrastructure, on the basis of which it would be possible for all operators to develop their networks,” said a source in the Moscow mayor’s office.

City officials plan to reach agreement by the end of 2017, with investment from the Moscow can be, not necessarily financial, capital can invest in the project infrastructure, creation of favorable conditions, simplification of the mechanisms of interaction, said Ermolaev. According to him, at the first stage it is important to obtain the consent of the project participants invest in it.

In the “MegaFon” said that “the support of the authorities of Moscow and other regions is very important for Telecom operators”. Tele2 said that the company is not involved in the discussion of this project, but willing to consider the possibility of joining the consortium. The representative of MTS said that doesn’t know about the creation of a consortium 5G. “We think it is premature to talk about it, because as the 5G standard will be adopted not earlier than 2020”, — he said. In “Vympelcom” have refused comments.


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