MTS has announced the launch of new types of payments via the Wallet

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MTS has expanded the capabilities of its service “mobile Wallet”. It users can pay for goods and services just by calling a phone number. Experts doubt that this method of payment will be popular

Mobile operator MTS, which is part of the Russian “big three” will expand the capabilities of its payment service “Wallet MTS Money”. It will not only replenish your Bank card to pay for communications, utilities, and other standard e-wallet services, but also to pay in the retail trade. This was announced by Director of financial services marketing Andrey Makarov at a press conference on may 30.

For payment the buyer will need to call your mobile phone number and then confirm the payment via SMS or USSD notification. Will also be available to pay using the QR-code, which will need to open the app and give to scan the seller, and contactless payment, if the device supports NFC (for payment, you must bring the smartphone to the reader). The money can be debited tied to the service of Bank cards, subscriber account, or virtual wallet “MTS Money”. The maximum size of a single transaction through the service of 60 thousand rubles, the daily transaction limits — 200 thousand rubles.

The technology has already earned in Tsvetnoy Central market in Moscow and its own retail MTS (5,7 thousand salons in the country), and also in the service of sale of tickets in the cinemas in the city “Kinked”. In addition, the agreement in principle on the use of technology is achieved with a network of “Burger king”, Danilovski market, online retailer Wildberries, online cinema Megogo and OKKO.

Until the end of the year all three payment methods will be available to users of the service throughout Russia via retailers-partners, said the representative of the company. In their terminals — at the box office, cafes, shops, taxis, Internet shops — will be added a payment button “MTS Money”. According to the representative of MTS, are also negotiating with major grocery and restaurant chains and retailers of consumer electronics, with Internet sites and

New niches

Service “Wallet MTS Money” was launched in February of this year. It allows you to associate a subscriber account with any Bank cards. At the moment the service has 40 thousand users, said the representative of MTS. However, the subscriber base of MTS in Russia amounted to 79 million customers, according to its report for the first quarter of 2017.

By 2020, the MTS plans to invest RUB 600 million service to return them to the company plans, charging the Commission with partners and synergies with mobile business. The average size of the fee for outlets when receiving payment using “Wallet” online, will be from 2.3 to 2.8%, when you pay at the box office — from 1.4 to 1.6%. A portion of this amount gets engaged in acquiring the Bank.

Executive Director of “Mobile payments” Andrey Baratynsky believes that the new proposals, the MTS has a few flaws. In particular, at the checkout you need to install special terminals, and customers may not always be ready to provide your phone number in the presence of strangers. “It would be better to allow the person to enter their phone number and then confirm the code, he says. — Another drawback in the solution of MTS — waiting for the SMS to the cashier. This delays the queue and slow service”.

However, contactless payments Baratynsky calls promising direction. “The operators were satisfied with communication services. Any widening of the scope of activities is beneficial for them. Contactless payments only began to develop in two or three years their share [of total payments] will reach 15-20%”, — he said.

According to the research company Mediascope, published in may 2017, a system of contactless payments Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in Russia was used by 8.6% of respondents. With their help, the Russians paid in online shops for the delivery of food, utility services, mobile communications.

Director of product “Yandex.Money” Alla Savchenko told RBC that the study confirms that the cashless payment is getting more and more popular among Russians. Now among the most common methods of online payment users call “savings.Online”, Bank cards and electronic purses “Yandex.Money.” The growth of cashless payment contributes to the widespread development of the infrastructure of payment services and terminals for payment, increase in the number of online retailers and improvement of services delivery, said a company spokesman. It is therefore logical that the payment system, banks and related businesses are looking for new ways of monetization. While any method of payment will go a long way from a niche solution to a popular and familiar to people, concluded Savchenko.

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