MTS talked about the changes in their development strategies

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MTS has introduced new provisions in its development strategy. In the coming years, the operator will make a bid for the digitalization activity in the field of Finance, development projects in the field of big data and the Internet of things and e-Commerce

MTS announced amendments to its development strategy, said company representatives at a press conference in London, the correspondent of RBC. In 2014, the company announced the approval of a model called the 3D, the priority provisions of which was the development of the data transfer, the payment of dividends to shareholders and differentiation (introduction of new, non-core business).

According to the amendments, now is the differentiation of a new trend will be digitalization. “We have built a large network, I can say that steel date company (a company that develops data transfer. — RBC). But for us it’s not just the activity of our users, so they rocked more, but the fact that they swing,” — said the President of MTS Andrey Dubovskov. According to him, digitalization is supposed to help MTS to extend the number of services that the operator provides to its customers. Main business areas are active in the field of Finance, OTT (over the top — services that are not tied to specific network provider, e.g. Internet telephony or online cinemas. — RBC), big data (big data), Internet of things, ecommerce.

To implement this strategic focus, the majority of employees of the company would be required to have competencies in the field of information technology (IT), the company will need to implement digital technology into their business processes in customer relationships, said Dubovskov. Finally, the company expects “the digitalization on the client side”, when callers will push the operator to the development and launch of new services.

On a change of strategy earlier thought and competitors of MTS. “MegaFon” in February this year closed the acquisition of 15.2% Mail.Ru Group (meet by 63.8 percent voting share). The company explained that the deal will allow it to gain access to the database of Internet users-holding: Mail.Ru Group in addition to the development portal of the same name also owns social networks “Vkontakte”, “Odnoklassniki”, messengers ICQ, “Agent Mail.Ru” and other services.

The owner of VimpelCom, VimpelCom Ltd is a holding company, also in February announced the renaming of VEON: the question at the end of March will have to be approved by the shareholders of the company. Under this name since the end of last year it is developing in Italy online messenger, which allows subscribers to exchange calls and messages, including when they have no money. But unlike the working principles of other popular instant messengers (What’s App, Viber, etc.) on the subscriber’s account must have funds. VimpelCom announced that VEON has to turn into an Internet platform, where in addition to the communication subscribers will be able to get other services such as taxis. Until the end of 2017, the service will be launched in all countries where the company operates.

Vice-President of MTS marketing Vasil Latsanich said that the company now has 24 of the application. “Theoretically, we could still call it a platform. However, the Association of only one product does not always have a positive effect. The same Facebook is still not integrated Instagram,” Latsanich said. MTS, he said, is ready to consider partnership with other players, but to acquisitions of large Internet companies, the operator is skeptical. “In a country of 150 million people, many of whom are our subscribers (80 million at December 31, 2016. — RBC). If we buy the Internet company will have the knowledge about the same people, adding new sources do not bring”, — said Andrey Dubovskov. According to him, the company “know their customers” and this knowledge, even with excess: the MTS has information on 62 parameters, while it would be enough 15 options. In addition, Russian law prohibits companies to share customer data, said the representative of MTS.

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