Mutko made doping claims against speaking in Rio Russians

Photo: Mikhail Metzel/TASS

Successful performance of the Russian team at the Olympics can lead to new accusations of Russian athletes from the WADA. This was stated by the Minister of sports Vitaly Mutko

Mutko took part in the awarding ceremony of the Russian Olympic team, held in the Kremlin. After the ceremony, Mutko said that the West can prepare new charges against Russian athletes, speaking in Rio.

“We are already seeing the reaction of our colleagues in the West, including information reaction. They are not very happy with our performance, I am afraid that the Commission McLaren in store there are some especially in store listings, which would affect Olympians competing in Rio,” said Mutko Agency “Interfax”.

Mutko said that all Russians who were in Rio de Janeiro, were tested for doping dozens of times and all samples gave negative results. Earlier, the head of the Olympic delegation Igor Kazikov said that all samples taken from the Russians during the Olympic games in Rio, were negative.

At the Olympics in Rio were not able to speak a few dozen Russian athletes, as the international sports Federation did not allow them to participate after the publication of the results of the investigation of two independent commissions WADA under the leadership of Richard pound and Richard McLaren. Richard pound has investigated doping in Russian athletics, and after the publication of the report of the pound, the international Association of athletics federations has suspended the membership of the all-Russian athletics Federation. As a result, all Russian athletes, with the exception of Daria Kishineu, were forced to miss the Olympics.

Commission Richard McLaren addressed the issue of fraud with doping samples taken during the Olympic games in Sochi. At the end of the investigation, McLaren said that in Russia there is a doping system, which is supported at the state level. The IOC, in response to the publication of the results of the investigation, said that the Olympics will not be able to participate those Russian athletes that were mentioned in the report of the McLaren. As a result, the Olympics have missed all the Russian lifters, as well as dozens of Russians from other sports. Also the IOC and WADA have announced that McLaren will continue its investigation at the end of the Olympics.

At the Games in Rio Russian national team won 56 medals — 19 gold, 18 silver and 19 bronze. In the team event the Russians took fourth place.

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