Patriarchal splendor of artificial stone in building and decoration

Structural strength and ease of installation makes it the most popular finishing material. The range of colors and shapes of masonry opens wide opportunities for its application.

Than the best building material?

Colorful and reliable material comfortable to the final finishing of walls. Plate faux rocks have a relatively low weight they attach to various adhesives or fasteners. They have a number of positive qualities:fire resistance;moisture resistance;not subject to destruction from fungi and mold;boundary endure low temperature;wear-resistant;have a high length of service;resist chemical degradation;render a complex mechanical load.

Production technology allows to give the product of any complex shape. This solves the problem of exterior design wall coverings, cladding corner pieces, the decoration of balconies and loggias. Giving additional protection to the surface, polymer plate prolong the lifetime of the building.

Thanks to the attractive appearance are used for finishing:powdered;areas of baths and saunas;exterior cladding of any building;decorating furniture;decoration SPA salons and gyms.

Virtually unlimited scope opens the opportunity to use artificial stone in buildings of residential and public buildings. Especially good in the facades with high technogenic load.Various forms and classification

Artificial stone has a robust internal frame. Most often it is fibre, made from different materials:steel;fiberglass;delicioustoffee fiber;synthetic-based.

Imitation natural analogues is achieved by adding in the composition of different natural elements:sand;crushed gravel;selected purified natural stone;white or gray cement.

Achieve full similarity by making a mineral dye pigment. Some subspecies of products have a spray of vinyl or acrylic for additional protective properties.

Depending on the additional components are achieved similarity with various species:limestone;shell limestone;coral rock;granite;travertine;marble, etc.

By type of production, klassificeret several types of product:acrylic;quartz;colored concrete;base ― poliefiry resin.

The most valuable for domestic work is considered the first and second option. The other two often find application on the exterior facade of structures. The material cost is quite democratic.


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