Pay do not understand whom: Matvienko has proposed to restrict Medicaid to the unemployed

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has proposed to reduce the volume of care for disabled Russians. The Senator suggested the health Ministry and the Finance Ministry to prepare relevant amendments to the legislation.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Speaker of the Federation Council quoted the statistics of the chamber of accounts, according to which regional authorities annually allocate about 40 billion rubles for the payment of social contributions for the unemployed Russians. “The regional budgets to pay do not understand whom. 40 billion budgets overpay for the non — working population,” she said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Matvienko has charged to Ministry of health and the Ministry of Finance until October 1 to prepare the appropriate amendments to the legislation. “Young and healthy, it is clear that they are on to something live, why they pay those who work. Everyone should bear the suitcase”, — quotes the Senator RIA Novosti.

Speaker of the Federation Council considers it necessary, simultaneously with the submission of the draft Federal budget for 2017 submitted to the state Duma amendments to the law on mandatory medical insurance of citizens. “We must either oblige the unemployed to pay contributions or to reduce the volume of rendered medical aid”, — said Matvienko.

However, she did not rule out that the effect on the render inefficient “tax collection system”. “Well, not to be, that in the Ivanovo region 62% of this was non-working citizens,” protested the speaker.

In 2013, the Minister of labour Maxim Topilin offered to deprive of unemployed Russians the right to free medical care. According to the Minister, this limitation may be an incentive to switch from illegal employment into legal.

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