Police looking for 71-year-old pedophile who molested the girl in the plane

Pensioner pervert who molested a nine year old girl during a flight on Board of the plane “Novosibirsk-Moscow”, was wanted by the police. The parents of the Schoolgirls suffered a strong trauma, and the girl had almost forgotten the incident.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

Juvenile victim of a pedophile was flying along with 12 -year-old sister, S7 airlines without their parents. The fact that the whole family hails from Khabarovsk, but this year moved to the Moscow region. The sisters were on vacation with my grandmother, and parents in Moscow. And as bildete from Novosibirsk is quite expensive, the mother (by the way, is not the first time) ordered the service “flights under supervision of flight attendants”. This time the sisters were seated in different places at the Windows, and the flight attendant didn’t pay the girls attention. This took advantage of the 71-the summer inhabitant of the Tambov region, and he was sitting next to nine-year old girl. Not hesitate to other passengers, the elderly sladostrastno began to stroke the girl in the genital area. The girl had behaved correctly – threw a leg over the other and turned away. The girl realized what was happening, but to cry for help did not dare, and endured a crazy sexual the old man to the end of the flight.

Already at home the girl told about the incident to the mother in detail. The lady went to the airport “Domodedovo” and wrote a letter to the libertine. The police have established the identity of the pedophile and his place of residence. It turned out that the pensioner flew home to Tambov — to receive all the investigative material in the case. Soon the old man needs to hold.

As explained in the Moscow interregional SU on transport of SK of the Russian Federation solves a question on excitation of criminal case.

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