Poroshenko promised the airborne forces ATO to the bitter end

President Petro Poroshenko came down from the sky to the base of the training center of the airborne forces of the AFU in Zhytomyr to congratulate the fighters on their professional holiday. And although he was without a parachute (he flew by helicopter), but in the summer field uniform.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Despite the “de-communization” and “de-Sovietization” of Ukraine on Tuesday is also celebrated Navy Day. Pravda Ukrainian VDV stands for “airborne troops”. Congratulations of the President has turned. Poroshenko said that during the ATO in the Donbas killed 415 “winged infantry”. 2 295 paratroopers abandoned the zone of the ATO, managed to survive and they were awarded state awards for courage and heroism in battles with the invaders.” Seven of them even became Heroes of Ukraine. Well, for morale Poroshenko said that the ATO is not the end. On the contrary : You can 20 Aug themselves to make sure that all equipment which must be at the front, will be at the front. Moreover, a significant part of the equipment just before the independence Day will be directly in the ATO zone transferred to the troops.” There is no removal of equipment prescribed in the Minsk agreements is not expected. On the contrary, will only supply new weapons. A holiday to the bitter end, so to speak.

Meanwhile, the heroine of Ukraine related to air forces — Nadia Savchenko — is also congratulated his colleagues, saying that VDV is a purely Ukrainian invention. “Vasily Margelov-the founder of the airborne troops, is originally from Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro). The first parachute jumps took place in the Kiev region (in the City). Not should we, Ukrainians, steal our history! Blue beret and vest according to the law of our Ukrainian! No one – except us!!! Slava VDV!!!” – she wrote. The trouble is that the latest military aircraft flew in the conflict zone Ukrainian aerodromes more than a year ago.

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