Program for the development of the digital economy will contribute to the government until may 11

The draft programme for the development of the digital economy to be submitted to government until may 11, said Deputy Minister of Telecom and mass communications Alexey Kozyrev at the conference “Challenges of the digital economy. Regional specifics and international experience”, the correspondent of RBC.

The essence of the program, which was developed at the request of President Vladimir Putin, is the creation of “legal, technical, organizational and financial conditions for the development of the digital economy” in Russia and its integration into the space of the digital economy member States of the Eurasian economic Union.

As explained by the head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov in mid-April, the program “Digital economy” in the working version includes nine tracks. “This is a very conditional division, now these nine areas, but can also be more or less. This system of management by the program, as it correctly to operate, increasing the efficiency of public administration through the digitization. Separately, we have allocated blocks are “Health”, “Education” and “Smart city”. This does not mean that we won’t engage in culture and transport. This is where needs to be done the initial steps,” explained Nikiforov. Another focus of the program will be “Infrastructure”. “The government should be infrastructure investor, to create a good Foundation and conduct Internet and other technologies where it is impossible to do with the point of view of commercial profitability,” — said the Minister.

Alexey Kozyrev in his speech said that now a working version of the program the eight directions, and also spoke about the planned actions on some of them. For example, “digital economy changed the labour market”. “We are developing measures to create experts with the right profile, personnel training, as in almost any profession will need more competence”, — said the Deputy Minister. In terms of transformation of public administration we are talking about “mechanisms for implementation of the digital economy, minimization of interaction between officials and citizens, the introduction of artificial intelligence in this area, further development of the system of public administration in electronic form”.

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