Quotes Mail.Ru Group rose 9% after reporting for 2016

Shares of the Internet holding company Mail.Ru Group rise on the good financial statements of the company. 14:13 GMT on the London stock exchange quotations of the holding increased by 9%, to $20,15 per share.

The capitalization of the company reached more than $4,43 billion, which is $240 million higher than at the time of opening of tenders.

Wednesday, February 22, the company reported financial results for the year of 2016. Total revenue Mail.Ru Group increased by 14.8% compared with the figure of 2015, to HPP, 42.75 billion rubles, Net profit increased by 18% and amounted to 11.6 billion rubles.

Increased over the past year and the revenue of “Vkontakte” — by 43.4%, to 8.9 billion. Social network is owned Mail.Ru Group and is one of the most profitable assets of the holding.

The company also managed to save RUB 342 million due to the exemption of tax payments for online games.

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