Roskomnadzor has made the QIWI in the register of banned sites

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Payment services QIWI and Skrill, entered in the register of banned sites. Access to services is not limited to: they have three days to remove pages with links to banned online casinos, said the representative of Roskomnadzor

Roskomnadzor has made the payment services QIWI and Skrill in the unified register of banned sites, said RBC official representative of the Minister Vadim Ampelonskiy. Previously, information on making QIWI and Skrill in the registry has distributed a publication citing documents obtained from one of the hosting providers.

“On separate pages of the sites of payment systems QIWI and Skrill posted links to the banned online casinos. In addition, implemented the ability to accept payments for participation in games of chance. The Internet casino is prohibited by law. The resources have three days to remove illegal information,” said Ampelonskiy.

QIWI has ordered Roskomnadzor “to adjust or eliminate information on contractors that use payment via QIWI Wallet”, told RBC a source close to the company. We are talking about betting companies “Leon” and “Olympus”, said the representative of QIWI. He also noted that the elimination of violations QIWI provided 24 hours, not three days, as the representative of Roskomnadzor.

Experts QIWI correct information that caused the claim, the company “is going to keep the order within the specified period”, the report said QIWI. “QIWI sites work as usual. This situation does not affect the implementation of customer payments and the funds held on the balance sheets of their electronic wallets,” said a company representative.

Quotes QIWI, which is traded on NASDAQ, as of 20:58 GMT on 14 July was down by 2.14% against the closing price on 13 July, to $12,34 per share. The capitalization of the company compared to 13 July, has declined nearly $19 million to $742,2 million

From October 2015, with a request for court order blocking such information in the network to the Roskomnadzor may apply to the Federal tax service. In total with the filing of the FNS were blocked more than 6 thousand sites, told the newspaper “Izvestia” head of the Department of licensing and regulation of regulated activities on Maxim Krasnov.

According to information of the unified register of banned sites, was made to it by 28 January 2016 at the request of FNS. However, “access [to the site] not limited to”, follows from the registry. The accounting entry made with respect to the Skrill website that was entered in the register on the initiative on June 24, 2016 without access restrictions. As of 21:00 GMT on 14 July both sites was available, checked RBC.

The representative of the Skrill did not respond to a request RBC.

This is not the first time Roskomnadzor contributes resources to the registry for information about gambling. 22 Jun 2016 page of the poker room 888poker on the website of the cloud service Amazon S3 (it is used for data storage such major services like Twitter, Dropbox, etc.) were blocked in Russia at the request of FNS. Due to the fact that Amazon S3 uses secure Protocol HTTPS (so do Skrill and QIWI), which does not allow to block individual pages, the resource was blocked completely. The next day in the Roskomnadzor reported that Amazon removed the page to which any claim from the Russian authorities, and the resource was deleted from the registry.

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