Roskoshestvo called the best apps for job search

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Roskoshestvo evaluated applications for job search. In the rankings the number of foreign services that, according to Roskoshestvo as previously blocked LinkedIn may violate the Russian legislation. In Roskomnadzor not sure the authors have the necessary expertise to evaluate the legitimacy of Internet services

ANO “Russian quality system” (Rascacielo) first conducted a study of mobile applications in the category “work”, is spoken in the message of the organization (there RBC). Leaders of the rating were the services of announcements Avito, “Yandex.Work” and SuperJob, they are the experts rated as the most safe and functional.

These applications have evolved from the same Internet sites. Platform Avito was established in 2007, contains the announcement of the sale of various goods and services. In 2013 the website launched a special section dedicated to job search in connection with the increase in the number of ads on the search vacancies and job seekers. “Yandex.Work” is an aggregator of jobs, launched the “Yandex” in 2010. SuperJob has existed since 2000, first as the site of the employment Agency, and later became an independent project.

Roskoshestvo tested applications ten parameters: functionality, correctness, performance, usability, reliability, processing speed and data storage. Roskoshestvo has created its own standard of quality requirements of mobile applications, reported in early April, “Vedomosti”. Three years later, the standard can obtain the status of GOST.

In the current rating of Roskoshestvo were 27 applications that run on the Android operating system, which is in the organization called the most widespread in Russia. In the Top-5 in addition to Avito (4.87 points), “Yandex.Work” (4,79) and SuperJob (4,71) also included (4,66) and Glassdoor (4,5988). HeadHunter ranked sixth with 4.55 points.

Foreign application Glassdoor, like some foreign products that do not have the Russian version. As the authors of the rating, all applications of foreign developers for Freelancer iskushenie store user data outside the territory of Russia, i.e., violate the requirement of the law “On personal data”. Among these services is Trovit (9th place), neuvoo (11th), Careerjet (12th) and Jobrapido (27th), who have Russian version. As explained RBC representative of Roccasecca, this conclusion was made based on the privacy policies of those services, which indicates the location of the servers and the laws of any state we observe.

As noted in the study, difficulties with migration of servers in Russia have already caused a complete or partial withdrawal from the Russian market of services of LinkedIn and Monster. The first was blocked in the fall of 2016 after a Russian court satisfied the claim of Roscomnadzor, believing that LinkedIn was processing personal data of third parties without their consent and not localized servers in the Russian Federation. Service Monster recently looking for offers only foreign employers, according to a study of Roskoshestvo. The LinkedIn service rating Roskoshestvo missing, Monster took 13-th place.

Representatives of Jobrapido, Careerjet neuvoo and promptly answered the questions of the RBC. Contact a representative Trovit failed.

The representative of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy told RBC that the Ministry does not believe that Roskoshestvo has the necessary expertise and authority to assess compliance with the requirements of the law “On personal data”.At the same time it is difficult to say when the troops will conduct its review of these services. “We are working on the approved audit plan. Potentially in Russia there are 2.5 million operators of personal data, why we must, as a priority to check these applications?”, — said Ampelonskiy.

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