Roskosmos said the reasons for the fall of “Progress” in Tuva

The launch of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-U” with the cargo transport ship “Progress”

Photo: Oleg Urusov/RIA Novosti

The reason for the fall of the space cargo ship “Progress” in Tuva was the malfunction of the third stage of the carrier rocket, according to Roscosmos. It is most likely that during the flight I discovered one of the tanks of the third stage

The spacecraft “Progress MS-04” crashed in Tuva in December 2016 due to a malfunction the third stage of the launch vehicle. This is stated on the official website of the Agency.

During the flight there was an emergency separation of the third stage of the rocket with transport cargo vehicle.

“The most probable cause of the accident was the opening of the tank “On” the third stage of the launch vehicle as a result of exposure elements, resulting in the destruction of the engine 11Д55 due to inflammation and further destruction of the pump oxidizer”, — stated in the message of Roscosmos.

The reason of ignition of the oxidizer pump could be ingress of foreign particles into the cavity or violation of the technology of the engine Assembly. The defect manifested itself in flight.

Crash of “Progress MC-04” took place on 1 December. The falling fragments of the rocket occurred about 100 km West of Kyzyl in the Republic of Tuva. The majority of the rocket fragments burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere.

After the loss of communication with the missile to the source TASS in the rocket and space industry said that the reason for this could be contamination of the fuel pipeline system in the engine, which led to premature shutdown.

The ship “Progress MC-04” was to deliver to the ISS 2.5 tonnes of cargo. They included fuel to refuel the station, containers with food, clothing, medicines, personal hygiene products, water and compressed gases for astronauts.

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