Rosneft appealed the decision to the RBC at 3 billion rubles.

Photo: Nikita Popov / RBC

“Rosneft” has appealed against in a cassation order of the decision of the lower court on the claim against RBC for 3 billion rubles.

Company “Rosneft” has filed an appeal against the decision of the lower court on the claim against RBC for the protection of business reputation. The information contained in the files of Arbitration court of Moscow. The cassation appeal of “Rosneft” was may 5.

“We believe that the first instance decision [on the claim of “Rosneft” to RBC] was incorrect, the decision of second instance [appellate court] from a legal point of view, absurd and provocative. We never thought that the decision [in dispute “Rosneft” with RBC] can be finally achieved in the intermediate court. We want to be brand conscious, deliberate misinformation actions on the part of the media in relation to largest — if not the largest market players — had a proper legal assessment,” said RBC press-Secretary of Rosneft Mikhail Leontyev.

“Lawyers RBC would be willing to comment on the appeal of “Rosneft” only after studying court documents,” — said the press Secretary of RBC Yegor Timofeyev.

We are talking about the claim that “Rosneft” submitted to RBC in 2016. The charges stemmed from article “Sechin asked the government to protect Rosneft from BP” which was published on the website of RBC 11 APR 2016. Immediately after the publication of the article in “Rosneft” said that it is untrue and discredits the business reputation of the company.

As a result, “Rosneft” through court has demanded to rebut material contained in the approval. Cash requirements claim amounted to 3,179 billion rubles, according to “Rosneft”, was the damage to business reputation of the company. Defendants were LLC “BusinessPress” (founder of the news Agency RBC), RBC, RBC journalists Timofey Dzyadko, Lyudmila Podobedova, Maxim Tovkailo and presenter of the channel Konstantin Bochkarev.

In December 2016, the Moscow Arbitration court partially satisfied the claim of “Rosneft”. The court required RBC to pay in favor of “Rosneft” 390 thousand rubles, decided to remove the article, which became the reason for the claim, and give a rebuttal. March 1, 2017, the Ninth arbitration appellate court cancelled the decision on collecting damages from RBC. As stated in the reasoning of the appellate ruling, “Rosneft” did not lead evidence of the damage caused to its business reputation.

RBC later in the decision the court has removed from the article allegations that gave rise to the claim, and published a retraction of the article.

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