Rosstat reported a fall in industrial production in February by 2.7%

Photo: DPA / TASS

The decline in industrial production in Russia in February 2017 compared with a February 2016 2.7%. In just the first two months, industrial production fell by 0.3% compared with 2016

In February 2017, industrial production in Russia decreased by 2.7% compared to February 2016, according to Rosstat Saturday, March 18. During the first two months of the year drop compared to the same period last year amounted to 0.3%, as in January they recorded the growth of index of industrial production by 2.3%.

As writes “Interfax”, the annual dynamics of the industry in February is not significant because 2016 was a leap year and February had one day more. However, economists had expected a slowdown in the annual growth rate of only 1%, the Agency said.

With the exception of seasonal and calendar factors, in February 2017, industrial production fell by 1.5% in relation to January. The fall followed a rise of 0.7% in January relative to December.

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