“Rostelecom” will buy Microsoft by 1.26 billion.

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“Rostelecom” announced a large-scale purchase of foreign software. The state company is ready to spend 1.26 billion RUB on Microsoft products, despite the recommendation of the authorities to go to the domestic development

“Rostelecom” last week, December 23, announced a tender for the purchase of licenses for software (AT) Microsoft from a single supplier (OOO “Comparex”) at 1.26 billion rubles, the documents state. Until the end of 2016 it needs to obtain more than 133 thousand licenses, including operating system, WinPro 8, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 (solution for communication between employees in the organization), Microsoft Project Server (service for enterprise project management), Lync Server 2013 Plus CAL (program for voice communication), etc.

The amount of the contract may make this purchase one of the largest Russian state-owned companies in 2016. A large amount of 1.8 billion rubles, according to the website of public procurement, now in the interests of the state Corporation “Rosatom” holds a tender of JSC “Atomkomplekt”.

It is advisable to buy Russian

From 1 January 2016, according to the government resolution No. 1236, with the purchase of software for state needs, the customer is obliged to give priority to Russian developments, included in the Unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases (now it 2602 product). With the exception of cases where domestic “with the necessary functional, technical and (or) performance in Russia is missing”.

Formally, the decision affects only state agencies, but not state-owned. But in the summer of 2016, the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has sent a Directive to state representatives in boards of Directors of state companies that those in the procurement of software gave preference to Russian, wrote “Vedomosti” with reference to the document. Then the representative of “Rostelecom” Irina Gabrova told the publication that the company wants to expand the number of Russian software in its IT systems and “preference for domestic producers, ceteris paribus — the price, quality, reliability, service support.”

Officially to the Directive listened, in particular, “Gazprom” — in October, the Board of Directors of monopoly has approved amendments to “the procurement regulations”, limiting the acquisition of foreign software.

Commenting on the new tender Irina Gabrova explained RBC that “in this case is an additional purchase, which allows “purchasing policy” of “Rostelecom”. “They [the license] becomes indefinite, she explained. — And the purchase of perpetual licences will give us the opportunity in the first place time in order to consider the domestic as analog”.

“We will carefully study the documentation for purchasing of JSC “Rostelecom” before the New year and make a decision, promised, RBC head of communications regulation, and IT the Federal Antimonopoly service Elena zaeva. — While it is impossible to conclude, there is in this purchase a violation or not.”

Whether there are analogues

The main problem of the passage of the domestic software remains the lack of full Russian counterparts, say some market participants. As an example, they cite the story of the transition of the departments of Russian fonts. “NGOs Rusbiotech” (among its customers — Ministry of defense, the Federal security service, Federal security service, foreign intelligence Service and others) — the developer of a domestic operating system Astra Linux failed to include in the program of popular fonts, including the standard for departmental documents Times New Roman, reported the newspaper “Kommersant”. The American franchisor company Monotype Imaging has cancelled the agreement with the Russian developer due to cooperation with the military departments. Now even with the development of domestic counterparts in the implementation can cause problems with compatibility, warned the experts.

“The programmes purchased by “Rostelecom” from Microsoft, of course, there are analogues, — said the editor of the portal TAdviser Alexander Levashov. — There is a “Maiofis”, there is software with open source. But such a large company with a huge number of jobs it’s hard to just go with Microsoft products, which it has been used for many years, to the alternative.” According to his version, “Rostelecom” “perhaps migrates” to another software, when “the domestic products will be more perfect.”

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