RSC Energia has promised to provide a service for the flight around the moon by 2022

Photo: Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

In RSC Energia announced plans to introduce the first service flight around the moon in the international tourism market. The Corporation expect to make it to 2021-2022 year

Rocket and space Corporation (RKK) “Energy” plans to introduce the service at the flyby of the moon on the international tourism market to 2021-2022 year. About it in interview “RIA Novosti”, said the Director General of the Corporation Vladimir Solntsev.

“I think that by 2021-2022 year of RSC “Energia” will be ready to provide this service to the international market,” said sun, noting that the first flight around the moon for space tourists could take place in 5-6 years after the conclusion of the relevant contract. Its terms are currently being discussed with potential candidates, said the head of the Corporation.

He explained that the project will use dwuhpuchkova scheme, when a single launch into orbit will show a space ship “Soyuz”, and the second DM with additional sealed compartment. After they dock, the DM will provide the momentum to fly around the moon and fuel the “Union” will be used for the correction of a ballistic trajectory, said Solntsev.

He also added that the implementation of the project will require additional protection and modernization of ships of type “the Union”, and the Corporation is already working on these challenges. “We understand that you need a more powerful heat protection, long-range radio communication, the management of the descent in the atmosphere at the second cosmic velocity and the corresponding changes in the other systems,” — said the General Director of RKK.

In addition, according to Solntsev, the terms announced earlier landing of the first Russians to the moon in 2031 can be adjusted with the readiness of the super-heavy booster.

In August 2016, the sun reported that Roskosmos began to design a new super-heavy rockets, which will be used by the RD-171 engines developed for the project “Energy-Buran”. The General Director of RSC Energia, noted that the projected media will be the main rocket in the subsequent implementation of the lunar program.

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