Russia became the second after the USA on number of leaks of confidential data

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The number of leaks of confidential information in Russia last year increased by 80%, estimated, analycity InfoWatch. This is the second result among the countries after USA in the number of cases with data is not compromised

The number of leaks of confidential information increased in 2016 compared to the previous 80%, says the report of the analytical center InfoWatch specializing in cybersecurity (have RBC). Total in the country over the past year there were 213 such cases. As analysts of the company, Russia on these indicators took the second place after the USA (the third Kingdom).

As told RBC representative of InfoWatch, company when calculating the statistics take into account only information in English (the most common) and English. Despite this, from the traditional three countries with the highest number of leaks, significant surge was observed in Russia, says the report InfoWatch. In the US and the UK the number of cases of theft of information remained at the same level as in 2015 — 67 838 and leakage, respectively.

“Such a sharp increase in the number of leaks in Russia can be associated with the development of services that handle personal data, and a corresponding increase in the volume of processed data”, — explained the representative of InfoWatch.

Total results of the global study in 2016, 1556 were recorded cases of data leaks from organizations is 3.4% more than in 2015. About 93% of the leaks were related to identity theft and payment information. In the world the number of such compromised information has increased three times, up to 3 billion records with personal information. It has also increased the number of so-called megaureter that resulted in the open access gets at least 10 million records of sensitive information.

According to InfoWatch experts, 62% of cases the cause of incidents with personal data become employees of organizations that have access to such information (financial institutions, information services, etc.)

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