Russia for the month increased its investments in US bonds for $13.5 billion

Photo: Choi Bu-Seok / Reuters

In March 2017, Russia has invested in U.S. government bonds of $13.5 billion, increasing the total investment to $99,8 billion and took 15 th place in the list of the largest creditors of the United States

Russian investments in us government bonds for March 2017 increased by $13.5 billion — thus, their total volume reached $99,8 billion this is evidenced by the data published by the U.S. Treasury.

In previous months Russian investments grew much less significantly. So, in December, January and February, Russia has invested in U.S. securities only $100 million While June through November 2016, Russian investments in US government bonds decreased. In July, their total amount was reduced by $2.7 billion in August to $700 million, in September — $11 billion, and in October — by $1.9 billion to $74.6 billion

In terms of owning us bonds, Russia is on the 15th place. From October 2016, remains the leader of Japan, which holds securities in the US, about $1.12 trillion. In second place is China (about $1.09 trillion), the third — Ireland ($315,1 billion), the fourth — Brazil ($of 259.5 billion), closes the top five British overseas territories — Cayman Islands ($249,9 billion).

In addition, the ten largest holders of us government bonds also include Switzerland ($234,5 billion), UK ($227,9 billion), Luxembourg ($217,1 billion), Hong Kong ($201.9 million billion) and Taiwan ($185,2 billion).

Data for April 2017 will be published by the U.S. Treasury on June 15.

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