Russian children-the players beat the opponents at the stadium in Norway

A scandal occurred at youth football tournament Norway Cup in Novregii: team “Cosmos” from Stavropol after a tough game and remove his goalkeeper attacked the rivals of the Norwegians from Ă…lesund, beat them, and then quickly left the “battlefield”.


The incident, which told the Norwegian media, drew the attention of blogger Rustem Adagamov. At the beginning of the match, the goalkeeper of the Russian team received a red card for the attack on the Norwegian player. Russian “reluctantly” had to leave the field, after which, however, soon led to a new fight: she began with “karate”, which was used by one of the Russians against an opponent.

Media noted that this behavior of his players, the coach of the Russians just shrugged their shoulders, and the children looked older than his years.

In the end, on the field for the fight ran out already the whole “Space”, however, escaped from the scene by the time police arrived. As a result, the number of Norwegian players were defeated face. The coach of the beaten team Herd has already declared that he hoped not to meet with the Russian team still intends to win the tournament.

In the comments to this news Adagamov noted that a similar story had already taken place in Norway in 2008, but then “scored” the team from Khimki, immediately after the fight, which injured seven Norwegians to cease participation in the tournament.

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