Russian fans massively arrested in France a day

“Tent in Cannes” – defined as the events surrounding the detention of the bus with Russian fans, the head of the Russian Union of fans Alexander Spragin, who also happened to be “under the hood” of the French police.

MK watched as the events unfolded.


Bus with Russian fans went from Cannes to Lille, where he held a match between Russia and Slovakia in the Euro 2016. But after 5 minutes after the Russians left the hotel, their bus was surrounded by armed riot police.

50 the Russians were in the ring of police cars and a hundred commandos.

“All coming into the sump” – said in his Twitter Alexander Spragin.

The French high Commissioner, taking the mouthpiece, demanded that the fans got off the bus. The reason was not stated. The Commissioner only referred to the disposal of the public Prosecutor.

“Drove the bus into the sump, require everyone to get out the inspection for weapons and drugs. Verification of the identity”, – said Spragin.

Among the fans on the bus are the leaders of the fan clubs “Dinamo”, “locomotive”, “torpedo”, “wings of the Soviets”, “Tom”, “eagle”, “FC Rostov”, “Rostov”, “the Rotor” “Zenith”…

“The first man out of the bus, which checked, has announced the deportation from France”, – said Alexander Spragin.

Fans do not hurry up to carry out the order of the Commissioner, believing that the entry into France gave all their data and no one is hiding.

To the place of detention of the bus came the mayor of the city of Cannes.

Events run high. “Now everyone will have to pull out of the bus!” writes Spragin.

Russian fans, meanwhile, managed to contact the Russian Consulate in Marseilles, and also to notify the RFU, representatives of the interior Ministry of Russia for EURO 2016.

“Deported two women who exactly never participated. Waiting for the Consul, the bus did not leave, drove the gendarmerie”, – said the head of the Russian Union of fans.

Everything that happens in the bus capture video recorders, installed in the cabin.

The police, meanwhile, puts on his gear, pulls out a Shocker. Apparently, preparing for the assault.

“A complete mess! Do not give water, do not allow to include the bus air conditioning. The heat is terrible, two people became ill. The toilet is not allowed!” – reports Spragin.

The Russians know that they left the Consul. Storm until canceled.

66-year-old fan from Vladimir called an ambulance.

“Prepared 29 deportation orders! They say that on the court! None of them violated the law of France, was not involved in the events in Marseilles or at the port or at the stadium,” writes Alexander Spragin.

About the plot, which drove the bus, began to gather journalists. For those who will be deported, drove the car to take him to the airport.

“They say that when all outcomes of 29 people to leave France, can appeal the decision, but later!” – said Alexander.

The Russians report that those who are deported, the plane tickets will be purchased for your account.

“Suggested lunch, but not give. And bathroom! Tent! The Consul remained 80 km from Cannes. Wait. Deportation disagree”.

Into place there arrived the Consul of the Russian Federation. The two cheerios were released, the claims have been removed. Agreed that those who remained in the bus, present the documents and pass a personal inspection.

Alexander Spragin shares that the French had gone from tough words “deportation” and replaced it with “removal.” “In principle, all the same, but less strictly legally”, – said the head of the VOB.

It is assumed that the verification procedure takes an hour and a half, then it will be announced whether there is who claim.

Alexander goes to check first. In the office of the gendarmerie, he shall present a passport, give him a court interpreter. Not examines him or his things, moreover, without asking a single question, Sprygin announce: “you have no complaints, can go back to the bus.”

Why was it a performance?

-Police worked for Euro 2016 is very bad, what was Marseille — shame on the police. They just watched for a while, preferring not to intervene in the massacre – said the representative of fans of “Locomotive” Ivan Krylov, who is now in France. The police then took only those, who lay unconscious on the ground. The only thing the gendarmes intervened when fans of “Marcel” of Arab origin began to throw stones all present. I must say that at the moment Russian with English together. In General, the police for the work you need to put “unsatisfactory”. Now, apparently, they want to rehabilitate. When tragedy could happen – 20 Russian fans for half an hour attacked hundreds of people, they were not. And now they stop the bus with the Russians, who arrived at the championship under the auspices of the Russian Union of fans, which they want, apparently, to make scapegoats.

Later it became known that the Russian fans detained for a day. On hit on the game in Lille of speech does not go. They will be transported to Marseille for investigation. Detention starts from the time the bus stop. By morning the Russians must either release or charge them.

Such a decision the Prosecutor made in connection with the fact that English fans injured in the riots in Marseille, sharply worsened, it has ceased to function brain. In the near future, obviously, will be announced his death.

The European championship on football. Chronicle of events

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