Russian operators will deal with the regulation of Big Data in the bypass state

The largest Russian Telecom operators and Internet companies, such as Rostelecom, MegaFon, MTS, VimpelCom, Mail.Ru Group and “Yandex” intends to create a self-regulatory organization for Big Data. The company believes that control of this industry cannot be given to the state

“Rostelecom”, “MegaFon”, MTS, “VimpelCom” Mail.Ru Group and “Yandex” to discuss the possibility of establishing a self-regulatory organization (SRO) in the field of Big Data, surpassing thereby the state regarding the regulation of this sphere. About it writes “Kommersant” with reference to representatives of several companies involved in the negotiations. This information edition confirmed in four of the companies-participants of the future organization.

According to the publication, the new structure will be called the Association of big data (ABD; newspaper stresses that this is a working title). The companies involved in the discussion of the concept, suggesting that ABD will be open to other industries, such as banks or insurance companies.

As explained sources in the coming two weeks the new structure will agree on its Charter.

In “the Megaphone” “Rostelecom” “Yandex” and Mail.Ru Group confirmed that know about that particular initiative and are negotiating the creation of the organization. MTS comment publication of the fact of negotiations have refused. Representatives of “VimpelCom” in turn, said that the operator does not consider the possibility of participation in the SRO, as it does not see “the need for additional regulation in this area.”

Director of government relations “the Megaphone” Dmitry Petrov in comments to “Kommersant” noted that first we need to understand the definition of “big data” and to industry best practices.

“Secondly, we need a code of ethics of the companies, when the existing state regulation is ambiguous. Thirdly, we believe that the Association should represent the interests of the business, communicating with controller and informing him his position,” he explained. But despite this, he does not exclude the possibility of cooperation of SRO with state authorities to ensure security and fight crime.

The interlocutor of the edition close to the SRO, said that in recent years the state has been growing interest in regulation in the IT industry, and some industrial experts, “which is important to show their closeness to power, even offering to transfer all user data to the state.” He stressed that such a prospect is “unlikely to contribute to the development of the digital economy” and demand for investment.

In Group believe that the creation of SROs to enable you to find the “optimal balance” between responsible regulation and legislative initiatives of the state.

Previously, on 27 March, Russian presidential aide Igor Shchegolev in an interview with RBC said about the need to protect critical information infrastructure, the tolerance of governments in Internet governance, the management of large user data, as well as the possibility of a slowdown in the speed of access to sites of companies that violate the laws. According to him, the government is interested to take control of this area, ideas for regulating Big Data can be formulated within just 2017.

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