Russian service became the world’s top 10 app for booking trips

The Application “Yandex.Taxi” has entered the world top 10 services for ordering travel at taxi drivers or private drivers, according to UBS. The leader of the rating became Uber users have downloaded this application more than 180 million times in 2016

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According to a report by investment Bank UBS, the application “Yandex.Taxi” was included in the number of downloads in the world top 10 apps for travel on demand (on demand ride, ROD). In this category applications in addition to online services for taxi are also search services companions (BlaBlaСar) or services, allowing you to call like a specialized taxi and private drivers (Uber).

The rating took into account the number of downloads by the owners of the managed devices operating systems Android and iOS. The leader of the rating became Uber, which accounted for 45.2% of all downloads similar apps. Russian app took 10-th place — it had 1.8% of the total number of downloads services ROD worldwide.

In second place was China service Didi — with a share of 17.7% in 2016 (last summer, Uber has acquired Didi for $35 billion in the same year, Apple invested $1 billion). The third is Singapore Grab with a share of 4.7%, primarily working in South-East Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).

Ola followed by Indian, Chinese Youngche, American Lyft, BlaBlaCar, and also Indonesian Go-Jek and Kakao Taxi from Korea. The total number of applications ROD, according to UBS, has increased by 60% compared with the figure of 2015 and has reached 400 million downloads.

According to UBS, this is the first such study on the market of services ROD in the world, so the position of “Yandex.Taxi” in previous years, it is impossible to clarify. The representative of “Yandex” told RBC that the company does not know anything about other studies on this topic. At the same time, he recalled that for this type of application more revealing than the number of downloads are information about the MAU (monthly active users — the number of active app users per month).

According to research by UBS, “Yandex.Taxi” is also the most downloaded service ROD in Russia in 2016 its share in this market amounted to 30%, up from 20% in 2014-2015. According to analysts, these indicators “Yandex” has been achieved due to active marketing strategy. Uber has taken the second place on downloads in Russia with a share of 18%. The American service has shown the most significant growth for the year, it rose four positions. Then you’ll Gett, whose share fell to 14% from 16% in 2015. According to analysts UBS, part of his orders have moved to competitors like Uber and “Yandex.Taxi”.

Another important indicator for similar services — number of trips, made by users, however, do not reveal it to all players. So, “Yandex.Taxi” earlier it was announced that in December 2016 machine that is connected to this service, made 16.2 million trips. Through the service Gett in Russia during the same period there were 8.3 million visits, told RBC representative of the company.

In the UBS study also notes that over the years, from April 2016 to April 2017, the prices in Russia on UberX (the cheapest fare; the trip is 10 km and 20 minutes) is not reduced. In other countries, where there is Uber, the service has raised prices, while in the Russian cities it was only in April 2017. Analysts have concluded that Uber is behaving in Russia more aggressive towards competitors than in other countries. At the same time in the report, UBS stated that the last increase in fares Uber, recorded April 9, 2017 in Kazan, is the most significant compared to other cities of the world.

Representatives of Uber and Gett at the time of publication did not provide comments.

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