Sberbank in January—October increased its net profit 2.4 times

Net profit of Sberbank for January—October of 2016, calculated according to Russian accounting standards, increased 2.4 times compared to the same period of the previous year. As published by the Bank of financial results for ten months at the company, during this period, the savings Bank received a net profit of $ 429,8 billion RUB compared to 178,3 billion RUB over the same period of 2015.

In October, the state Bank gained to 53.1 billion rubles. the net profit follows from the statements. Net interest income of the Bank for 10 months was 925,7 billion RUB, an increase of 47.3% compared to the same period last year.

In January—October, Sberbank has issued to private customers loans to 1.24 trillion rubles, which is 1.3 times more than in the same period of 2015. The retail loan portfolio of the Bank in October increased by 14 billion rubles and as of 1 November reached RUB 4.3 trillion In October, the Bank issued private clients around RUB 130 billion, of which 60 billion roubles was accounted for by housing loans. Corporate clients during this period, loans amounting to more than 820 billion rubles since the beginning of the year to over 7 trillion, and it is 1.4 times more than a year ago.

“The nominal decline in the credit portfolio is mainly due to negative revaluation of foreign currency loans in connection with the strengthening of the ruble. The portfolio of ruble-denominated loans in October increased by 36 billion rubles, or 0.5%,” the commentary of the savings Bank reporting.

For the first ten months of household deposits in Sberbank increased 1.1% to 10.98 trillion Deposits of legal entities decreased by 18.9%, to 5,447 trillion In October, individuals ‘ funds on accounts declined by 0.2% due to the strengthening of the ruble and reduce the balances on savings certificates, follows from the statements. On deposits saw an influx in rubles, US dollars and euros. The balance of funds of individuals on 1 November was 11.0 trillion Balance of corporate funds at the reporting date amounted to 5.5 trillion rubles.

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