“STS Media” will get the rights to the “World Wild West” and other TV series HBO

Frame from the TV series “the Wild West”

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Channel “Che”, part of the media holding “STS Media” within two years will be able to show live on HBO, including “the world of the Wild West.” Thus he tries to restore his classroom share

Media holding “STS Media” will soon make a deal with us cable channel HBO for buying the rights to exclusive screening within two years several of his operas. It is including the “World Wild West”, which is considered one of the most expensive TV shows in the world ($100 million for ten episodes of the first season). About this RBC reported a source in “STS Media”. The fact of negotiations was confirmed also Lev Makarov, the Director General of the channel “Che”, which will show the series.

Date of the premiere of “World Wild West” is not yet defined. But we already know that the TV series “the Knick” (original title The Knick), which is also being negotiated, will show in March. For “STS Media” this is the first deal with HBO, says the interlocutor of RBC, but not the first on Russian TV. So, the TV station REN-TV since 2013, shows the seasons of “Game of thrones” produced by HBO.

The HBO series will be released on the “Che” in a special slot of the “Big show” after 23:30 GMT. It’s easier to compete on content with other channels that have already shown their main projects by that time, said a source in the media market.

Traditionally, Prime time is considered the interval from 19:00 to 23:00 GMT. However, according to the channel “Che”, foreign series that are broadcast on it at a later time, go with good performance. For example, the share of the first season of the American TV series “Mr. Robot” in the target audience of 25 to 49 years was 1.9%, which is higher than the average share of the channel. A series of “How to get away with murder” shown in slot 23:30 in January—February of 2017, “revealed the profitability above the average for the channel,” says Makarov.

“A slots only spins, we expect that over time, the series will consistently go with a share above the average share of the channel. The price of the best world series is acceptable for the economy “Che” level. We will certainly continue to buy for “Che” from the best content available on the market,” said RBC Makarov.

Channel “Th” in 2016, showed a decline in its audience against to 1.63 to 1.93% a year earlier. While on the site, “STS Media” has reported that from 2017 will start a “new development strategy of the channel”, which is expected to lead to an increase of classroom results.

In mid-February, RBC wrote that “STS Media” has bought the rights to airing the “Th” series “the Young Pope” about the history of the fictional Pope Pius XIII, in which the main role was played by Jude law. Then the General Director of “Th” Lev Makarov in an interview with RBC promised that such transactions will be more as the cost of running foreign Prime Minister is lower than the cost of the purchase of Russian content.

The lower cost of foreign content was also confirmed RBC a source in one of the largest production companies and the General producer of NTV Timur Weinstein. However, according to Weinstein, the Russian audience prefers local actors and the “friendly heroes”. Thus, according to Mediascope, the average percentage of hits episode of the national soap operas on Russian TV channels in Prime time in 2016 amounted to 5.8%, while foreign — 2,9%.

Sensation television

Premiere sci-Fi series “Westworld” with the participation of Anthony Hopkins on HBO was held in October 2016. The second season is expected to be shown in 2018. This adaptation of Michael Crichton “the Western world” in 1973. The plot is set in the eponymous theme Park populated by androids. World media has awarded him the title “sensation TV”. The highest rated was the last episode of the season, which in total looked at 3.6 million people. The show was the most popular in the entire history of HBO on the indicators of the first season, according to the publication Deadline.

The TV series “the Knick” produced by pay-TV network Cinemax, owned by HBO, was filmed by Steven Soderbergh and was released in August 2014. This is a “medical drama” about a drug-addicted surgeon at new York hospital John Thackery and the struggle for life of patients in 1900, without modern technology. There were shows for two seasons.

According to kinoportal IMDB, the TV series “the Wild West” and “the Knick” has received a rating of 9.1 and 8.5 points respectively out of a possible ten. Previously, both were legally available in Russia only in the paid online platforms.

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