Symantec said the actions of unknown libertynow in Russia

The American company Symantec, is engaged in software development in the field of information security, said that it has discovered a previously unknown group of hackers specialized in cyber espionage. The company said that the group, called Strider, operated for five years and during that time has made cyber attacks on targets in Russia, China, Sweden and Belgium.

According to Symantec, the attack was subjected to four legal entities and individuals in Russia, airlines in China, the legal entity in Sweden and the Embassy in Belgium. From October 2011, the company recorded the hackers of this group of 36 computers.

Evaluation Symantec, hackers have chosen as the objectives of the organization and individuals that are of interest to intelligence agencies. The company has not indicated about the secret service of which country might be involved.

To penetrate into other people’s computers Strider uses sneaky malware Remsec. Symantec experts noted that the malware operates in a network environment, not on a separate computer that enables the hackers to gain complete control over several infected devices. Use Remsec allows you to record the keystrokes on the keyboard and you can access the contents of your computer.

In the code of the malware contains a reference to Sauron, the main antagonist from the novel by Tolkien’s “the Lord of the rings. Strider is one of the nicknames another character of this novel Aragorn, which in Russian translation is given as a wanderer or Strider.

In Symantec noted that the code Remsec is unusual similar to another malware called Flamer. Reuters reminds that this program experts linked with the combat computer virus Stuxnet, which at the end of 2000-ies were allegedly used by Israel and the United States to infiltrate the computer systems of Iran’s nuclear facilities. This virus, according to “Kaspersky Lab” was developed by order of the us national security Agency.

“Kaspersky lab” said Reuters, which also found that a cyberspying group. Moscow-based company gave her the name ProjectSauron and intends to tell more about it later on Monday.

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