TASS learned of the postponement of the launch of a new manned spacecraft “Federation”

The layout of the manned transport spacecraft “Federation”

Photo: Anton novoderezhkin / TASS

Roscosmos plans to move the first launch of the new manned spacecraft “Federation” for 2022 and spend it with the Baikonur cosmodrome on a new launch vehicle middle class “Phoenix”, as well as to abandon the rocket “Angara-А5П”

The leadership of the Roscosmos intends to review plans for the launch of a new Russian manned space ship “Federation”, in particular, to postpone the date for 2022, and the place — at the Baikonur cosmodrome. It is reported TASS citing a source in the space industry.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, in addition to the terms will change also the project of the launch vehicle will orbit a new booster middle class “Phoenix”, not “Hangar” as previously planned. As the source noted, it will not require major alterations in the systems of the ship

The launch was initially planned from the Baikonur “East”, however, emphasizes the source Agency, the first flight of the “Federation” will take place from Baikonur, since “East” is missing the necessary infrastructure for manned launches. The construction of the Assembly and testing of the ship hull, life-support systems on the launch field and infrastructure for accommodation of astronauts, indicates the source, will be delayed until the development of super-heavy carrier to fly to the moon. Ship “Federation” for the lunar mission, with a scheduled landing astronauts on the moon’s surface, specifically rework and increase from 14 to 20 tons.

“In connection with a change of the carrier rocket for launch of the ship decided to abandon a manned version of the rocket “Angara-А5П”. The manned program will return to the cosmodrome East is only the beginning of the construction of the launch complex for heavy rocket after 2025,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

The Russian space Agency from reviews the Agency refused.

“Federation” is being developed since 2009 missile and space complex (RKK) “Energy”. This is a six-seat manned spacecraft, which should replace the Soyuz spacecraft and unmanned cargo vehicles of the Progress series. The ship will be designed to deliver people and cargo into orbit and to the moon. The budget of the Federal space program for 2016-2025 to the creation of the ship is RUB 59 billion.

The first unmanned flight of the “Federation” was scheduled for 2021, a manned, that is, with members of the crew, — for 2023.

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