Tele2 will launch a smartphone messenger available for subscribers of out-of-area network access

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The company will present the messenger in the third quarter of 2016, told RBC General Director of Tele2 Sergey Emdin. The service will allow subscribers to make calls via Wi-Fi network even in places where there is no coverage of the operator’s network

The operator Tele2 has developed its own instant messenger that uses technology for making calls via Wi-Fi network, told RBC General Director of the company Sergey Emdin. “We are planning to launch their own messenger in the third quarter of 2016,” — said the head of Tele2 in an interview with RBC at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

The principle of the service is that, if the subscriber has moved to a remote area, for example, any village, he will be out of reach of traditional networks and it will be impossible to get through, explained amdin. And instant messenger users can make calls over a Wi-Fi subscriber must connect to one of those networks, he said.

The call will take place via Wi-Fi network, and then network operator, explained amdin. The target audience of the service — Tele2 clients who have gone out of reach or are located in remote corners of buildings, basements of houses, that is, in those places where the operator could not work, explained CEO of Tele2. He added that the messenger will be protected. During a call, the caller will display the correct phone number of the caller, said Emdin. Do I have to pay to be services, he said.

Tele2 is not the first operator, which has its own development in this niche. At the end of may 2016, “MegaFon” has launched its own app for making calls and sending messages through the Internet — eMotion. The service works over Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. With eMotion you can make calls as other users of the messenger, and to any phone numbers, said in may, Director of IP services of the company “Megalabs” (“daughter” of “MegaFon”, which developed the app) Vyacheslav Isaykin. This is the main difference from existing instant messengers which allow you to talk with just have downloaded the application users (e.g., Viber), he said. The subscriber must pay for calls: 0,8 rubles per minute of conversation with the subscriber of “MegaFon”, 1,5 rbl. — the rest room around the world. If the customer of the operator uses the batch rate for the calls he will have to pay extra. Investment in the project in “the Megaphone” do not open.

In December 2015 own app to make calls for Moscow subscribers presented and MTS. Service MTS Connect allows you to make video calls, exchange text messages and files. Calls and messages, it also paid their price corresponds to the rates of subscribers, the Internet traffic is not charged. Operator investment in development amounted to more than RUB 100 million.

New product Tele2 is not exactly a messenger, is a branch of the service calls Wi-Fi Calling, according to the owner of the company OMMG Technology, the Creator of the messenger 4talk Sergey Kravtsov. Mobile operators are seriously concerned that all the traffic goes to the messengers — users less TEXT and call each other by traditional ties. 3G network and LTE advanced enough to help the caller to use free calls along with free messaging, says Kravtsov. In his opinion, to create voice services based on mobile data transmission — the right idea: it’s a good opportunity to make cheap international calls from roaming to Wi-Fi networks or with local SIM cards.

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