Telegram called gossip information about their possible blocking

Pavel Durov

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Telegram called “gossip” and provocative information about their possible blocking in Russia. Earlier, on 15 may on the website there was a petition from the organizers Telegram-channels to the founder of the messenger of Pavel Durov with a request to avoid blocking in Russia and to cooperate with Roskomnadzor

Information about possible blocking of the messenger in Russia is a gossip, told RBC representative of the messenger. “Please do not succumb to provocations. This rumor, as the petition was launched by one person solely to promote my channel and holds no practical value (and, it seems, he has once again got it)”, he said.

The representative of the messenger added that in the event of a real threat of blocking the official comments will be published in the Twitter accounts of Pavel Durov and the messenger, as well as in his official blog.

15 may on the website was a petition from users of Telegram. The authors stated that the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of Telecom, information technologies and mass communications (Roskomnadzor) demanded from the developers of instant messenger to provide resource information to the Russian authorities to make a Telegram in the register of the organizers of disseminating information. The authors of the petition addressed to the Creator of the messenger of Pavel Durov with a request to avoid blocking in Russia and to cooperate with Roskomnadzor.

Thus, on may 16, the petition appeared update, which stated that it was a provocation in order to initiate a discussion before blocking, not after. “Because… how can on the sidelines to resolve the issues that are critical to millions?”, the text of the petition.

“Vedomosti” on 16 may he wrote that he has reviewed a copy of the letter of Roskomnadzor, which was sent to the Telegram last week. In response, the messenger will have until mid-June. If Telegram does not provide data for inclusion in the registry of the ORI, it is waiting for a lock, writes the edition. However, the representative of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy in conversation with RBC said, is that he sees in the media — speculation, and refused to confirm deadlines.

Later RNS reported that the messenger Telegram does not intend to provide information to governments and the intelligence services of any country in the world, and force the developers to give information to decrypt the traffic will be difficult: the information is encrypted and the encryption keys are stored in different countries.

The Agency maintains a register ORI in the Internet in accordance with Federal law No. 149-FZ “On information, information technologies and protection of information”. “Organizer of information dissemination on the Internet is a person who performs activities for ensuring functioning of information systems and (or) programs for electronic computers which are intended and (or) used for acceptance, transmission, delivery and (or) process electronic communications of Internet users. The organizers of the dissemination of information are required to keep on the territory of Russia data on enrollment, transfer and processing of “voice information, written text, images, sounds, video or other electronic messages to users within six months from the date of completion of implementation of such actions” and to provide them at the request of authorities.

May 2 in the list of banned sites included page messenger BlackBerry, Imo, Line, and video chat Vchat. On 5 may, the Ministry also blocked the website of WeChat messenger, but later the restrictions were lifted, as messenger provided data for inclusion in the registry.

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