The advertising market in Russia increased to a record level since 2000

Banner advertising in the Moscow metro

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov / TASS

The volume of Russian advertising market in 2016 reached 360 billion roubles — a maximum of 2000. If a year earlier, the fall experienced by all segments except the Internet, they are now grown, with the exception of advertising in print media

The advertising market volume in Russia by the end of 2016 rose 11%, to 360 billion rubles excluding VAT. Positive dynamics demonstrated all forms of advertising except print media, says the Association of communication agencies of Russia (there RBC). By far, the most successful over the last 16 years was considered in 2014, when the budgets of advertisers in Russia exceeded 340 billion rubles.

“Experts assess the year as good”, and “industry confidence returns to pre-crisis indicators”, – stated in the message of the Association. “While the figures are of a compensatory nature, but there are all preconditions for strengthening and increasing the pace of growth in 2017,” the study says.

Has become the fastest growing segment of online advertising, the volume of which increased by 21% to RUB 136 billion Television has added 10% to 150,8 billion rubles, radio 6%, to 15.1 billion rubles, the segment out of home (outdoor, transit, and indoor advertising in cinemas) — 6%, to 38.3 billion rubles. While press advertising almost half slowed down: if in 2015 it amounted to 29%, in 2016 — 16%. Overall for the year advertisers spent on advertising in the print media of 19.7 billion rubles.

Themselves advertising and marketing agencies have earned while 94,5 bln roubles, which is 7% higher than in 2015, follows from the data of AKAR.

The President of the Association In and Out, participated in the study, Alexey Nesterenko links the growth with the improvement of the economic situation in the country and increase of consumer activity of Russians.

According to Mediascope, the most active advertisers in 2016 has traditionally been a pharmaceutical company. Their share in the structure of expenses on advertising, excluding online discounts and the volume of placement was 20%. The amount of advertising budgets of pharmaceutical companies increased by 7% in comparison with 2015. The following share in the advertising market are the retailers (11,6%) and manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products (9.1 per cent). Their budgets on advertising, they have increased by 12 and 6% respectively. The largest growth budgets showed the financial services sector — 43%. However, their market share is small enough — 4.3 percent.

That the advertising market will emerge from the crisis in 2016, said in 2014, the representatives of Group M, the management of all media agencies of British communication holding WPP. Most analysts ACAR after evaluation of the first three quarters of 2016 predicted that year-end figures will be modest.

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