The Agency has played at the auction is prohibited by municipal billboards

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The Agency has held its first auction for advertising space along its track, but the result was called into question. On the eve of the auction of the Moscow authorities that approve the plan of placing the shields, removed it from most of drawn structures

Shield on shield

Subordinated to Federal road Agency Federal state institution “Management highway Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod” on 17 April for the first time held a tender on installation and operation of advertising structures. The auction was contested place for 50 billboards located along the highway M7 “Volga” in Balashikha, Noginsk, Orekhovo-Zuyevo and Pavlovsky Posad districts. The total value of the lots for five years exceeded $ 72 million rubles, follows from the Protocol of the auction (there RBC). However, in the auction process revealed that more than two thirds of the auctioned designs do not exist in the scheme of boards that claim to municipal authorities. About RBC told representatives of the advertising companies “DNA Media”, “21st century TV” and Vinex participating in the auction.

According to the changes in regulations of municipal administrations, published April 14, the diagram disappeared a number of structures in the territory of the city district Balashikha and Noginsk municipal district. First Deputy head of the main Department on information policy of the Moscow region Alexander Menchuk said RBC that it was “not connected with the bidding process on the route of the Federal road Agency” and dictated by “great attention to the external appearance and quality of landscaping”. In particular, designs are also excluded from the scheme in Krasnogorsk, Istra and Leninsky districts of the Moscow region. While Menchuk said that the tender for advertising structures that do not exist in the layout, contrary to the requirements of part 5.1 of article 19 of the law “On advertising”.

This means that the district authorities will not give permission for the placement of advertising constructions, explained RBC, the President of the Association of distributors in the Moscow region and the General Director of Agency “21 century — TV” Grigory Petrov (his company was one of the winners of the auction). According to him, the Agency has prepared a complaint on the structure of Agency in the face and plans to send her on April 19.

As reported by RBC representative of the Federal government “roads administration of the Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod”, at the time of publication of the auction documentation 14 March 2017 and prior to the deadline, i.e. until 13 April 2017, to act previous regulations of the municipalities, where the auctioned sites were assigned to the Agency. However, no notifications of changes in layout designs PKU had received. The interlocutor of RBC stressed that the municipalities have the right to notify PKU disagreement with the results of the auction and to challenge them in court. However, while claims from municipalities not reported, said the representative of PKU.

“We interact with the Agency on resolving this situation and look forward to a constructive dialogue in all matters related to the placement of outdoor advertising on adjacent territories,” in turn, assured Alexander Menchuk.

Non-delimited territory

These conflicts arise from the ambiguous status of billboards installed along Federal roads. Local authorities believe that they are placed on the so-called “non-delimited municipal area.” Meanwhile, in terms of Agency, this land is within the boundaries of the easement road and to be controlled by him. In 2015-2016 only in the Moscow region was dismantled more than 1 million of illegal advertising structures, said RBC representative of PKU.

Currently the state Duma is preparing a bill on amendments to the law “On advertising”, which will allow the Agency to approve the layout of advertising structures in right-of-way without additional coordination with the municipalities, to carry out bidding and removal of shields. “It will allow to restore order in the placement of advertising along Federal highways, creating comfortable conditions for work of the state and entrepreneurs on principle “one window” — said the representative of PKU.

As wrote “Kommersant”, therefore the Agency wants to earn revenue from billboards, which are on Federal land. Now only in the suburbs, the municipalities receive from the market about 500 million rubles a year.

When interviewed by RBC, the participants of the market of outdoor advertising fear that if the Agency will formally adopt its right, the number of dismantled structures will increase significantly.

According to “Kommersant”, the amendments to the law “On advertising” does not support economic development. In turn, the FAS had to send your opinion to 19 April. At the time of publication the representative of the Antimonopoly service, told RBC that opinion is still in development.

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