The Bank of the first hundred declared bankrupt

Photo: Artyom Korotayev/TASS

The court declared bankrupt Moscow Bank deprived of the license in September. The credit institution was included in the hundred largest Russian banks

The Moscow arbitration court of Moscow recognised Bank as the bankrupt, should be the message Bank available in the SPARK database. The operative part of the decision was declared at the court session of 7 November, the report says. The bankruptcy Trustee assigned to Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV).

In the database on the website of the Arbitration court decision at the time of publication was not. Declaration of recognition of the Bank bankrupt, the Bank of Russia filed September 26, the court accepted the claim on October 4, the card of the business.

In mid-September the Bank stopped servicing clients. On 19 September the Bank of Russia revoked the license of the credit institution. As noted by the regulator, improper assessment of credit risk and objective reflection of the value of assets in the financial statements of the Bank led to a complete loss of his capital.

In November the “Bank of Russia Bulletin” reported that the negative capital of the Bank amounted to 90.9 billion.

At the time of the revocation of the license of the Bank was ranked 68-th place in the Russian banking system. According to the latest financial statements, the Bank had more than RUB 55 bln from retail customers.

Investors at the gate: as in Russia protesting customers of troubled banks

“Vedomosti” wrote that 3 thousand clients of the Bank with the requirements of 5 billion rubles., which have opened or expanded deposits after July 18 were not included in the register of depositors of the Bank. This happened due to the fact that the DIA formed a register as at 19 July, it was forced to use the registry two months ago, because the Bank destroyed its core banking system, the newspaper, citing a message of ASV.

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