The Chinese make a movie for the TV series “How I became Russian”

Photo: still from the film “How I became Russian”

Russian Studio Yellow, Black & White and Chinese type Culture Media will remove a feature film based on the domestic Comedy series “How I became Russian”. This is the first collaboration of its kind

The first of the TV

Comedy series “How I became Russian” Russian Studio Yellow, Black & White will form the basis of a feature film, which the company will be removed together with the Chinese type Culture Media. The budget is $2 million that will be invested on an equal footing. About it RBC said the head of the distribution of the direction of Yellow, Black & White and film producer Georgi Shabanov. Information about the transaction confirmed Director of the Chinese company Ulan Culture Media, Canli Fan.

According to Shabanova, if you can sustain the planned pace, the film could become “the first Russian-Chinese co-production with guaranteed rental in China.” In Russia the premiere is scheduled for 2018.

In China, national hire is allowed only 34 foreign films a year. However, joint projects do not have this restriction.

“We have before us is not a question of quota, in addition, we will receive a larger percentage of box office receipts than would be the case if rolled actually a foreign film,” — said RBC Canli Fan.

According to estimates Shabanova, Russia, the Studio counts on charges of 250-300 million rubles. Chinese Representative noted that to speak about the fees in China so far, however, the company will make every effort to hire was “as wide as possible, the visible and cash”. “In China 46 thousand cinemas, we have more than 1 thousand That is a rental in their understanding and in our — a little bit different,” adds Shabanov.

Distribution and monetization of the project in China to deal with the largest Internet service provider Tencent Video and production company Huace Film & TV Group. From the Russian side the project is supported “RK Media cultural center”, which previously helped to sell to China the right to rent the historical drama “the Duelist” and the TV series “How I became Russian”.

Chinese stereotypes

The TV series “How I became Russian” production companies, Yellow, Black & White and MyWay Production (rights belong only to the first Studio) consists of 20 episodes. He came to CCC in November 2015. In the story, an American journalist arrives in a business trip to Russia, where he tries to understand “what it means to be Russian”.

According to Mediascope, the premiere of the series “How I became Russian” in 2015, watched on average 1 million viewers. The average share of the episode was 4.4%, which is comparable to the average share of CTC channel in 2015 (4.6 per cent).

Popularity in China, the project acquired after have been posted by users at one of the local kinoportalov. The rating of the series was 9.2 points — almost like “Game of thrones”, which the audience appreciated 9.3 points, reported Chinese newspaper Yangcheng Wanbao (published in translation on the RT site).

In total in China, the series was watched by tens of millions of people, and then to Ulan Culture Media has decided to withdraw the project in the legal field, buying it, and also to remove the “full meter,” said Canli Fan.

The popularity of the show associated with a good play on the “stereotype of the Russian Everyman in the eyes of the Chinese,” says Shabanov. Shooting a feature film will take place in Russia in the winter. Because there is a stereotype that Russia is “cold country”, says the representative of the Yellow, Black & White. The cast mostly go from the show, the film will add a “secondary Chinese line.”

“I want to do something that would be interesting here and there,” said RBC General producer of the Studio Yellow, Black & White Edward Iloyan, adding that the movie will be called differently.

Dragons and amphibians

“How I became Russian” will be the first domestic series that will be filmed for the Chinese car. Until now, the Eastern partners have paid attention only to the full-length Russian films. In August 2016, “RIA Novosti” reported that by 2018 the premiere of the second part fantasy film “He — dragon”, which the Studio Bazelevs Timur Bekmambetov will film together with a Chinese partner.

1 Dec 2016 “Glavkino”, “Lenfilm” and the Russian-Chinese Fund of development of culture and education signed an agreement on creation of a remake of the legendary Soviet film “the amphibian Man” for distribution in China. The film’s budget of at least $3 million, shooting is scheduled to begin in late summer of 2018, and a full cycle takes about three years.

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