The contract of the President of MTS extended until 2020

Andrei Dubovskov

Photo: Yury Mashkov / TASS

The MTS OJSC Board of Directors extended the contract of the incumbent cellular operator Andrey Dubovskov for another three years. Among the leaders of major Russian mobile operators currently one of the “oldest old”

The MTS Board of Directors, at a meeting on Wednesday, February 22 extended the contract of President of the company Andrey Dubovskov for another three years, according to the materials of the operator. The decision will come into force on March 5, 2017, the end of the previous contract the top Manager.

Andrei Dubovskov came to MTS in 2004 as Director of branch in Nizhny Novgorod from the Swedish group Tele2, where he held a similar position. In 2006-2007, currently ruled by macro-region “Ural MTS”, and then went to work in “MTS Ukraine” for the post of first Deputy General Director. In 2008 he became the head of the Ukrainian division operator.

In April 2011 he was appointed President of MTS Mikhail is samolina, who moved to the post of President of the “AFK “Sistema” (which controls MTS). In a new place Dubovskov was to strengthen the position of MTS in the Russian telecommunications market and to create opportunities for further business development of the operator. In early 2014 the contract of Andrey Dubovskov as extended for a three year term.

“When Dubovskov MTS has strengthened its position in the market, says Raiffeisenbank analyst Sergey Libin. But it happened at the price of increased competition, price wars and, eventually, reduce revenues and profitability. Of the negative aspects I would mention re the loss of business in Uzbekistan (in the summer of 2016, the company sold its subsidiary, Universal Mobile Systems, a local company)”.

The latest available financial results of MTS for the third quarter of 2016, however, due to the seasonality of the business of mobile operators, correct to compare similar periods. Compared with the second quarter of 2011, the first, which the company worked under the direction Dubovskov, in the second quarter of 2016 its total revenue has decreased by almost two times. In the second quarter of 2011, the figure was $3,128 billion, while in the second quarter of 2016 – 108,1 billion rubles or $1.64 billion at the average exchange rate for the period. The market share of operator by number of subscribers also declined, but only slightly. In April 2011, MTS held 32.3 per cent in the Russian cellular market, according to consulting Agency AC&M. In the third quarter of 2016, the share of MTS was 31%, told RBC analyst of AC&M Anton Pogrebinsky.

In this case in the domestic telecommunication market Andrey Dubovskov is one of the few “oldest old” among the leadership of large companies. A little more time on a post of the General Director of “Megaphone” worked only Sergey Soldatenkov. He led the company from 2003 to 2012 and returned to the CEO post in 2016.

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