The creators of the virus WannaCry bypassed the blocking of its distribution

Accidentally discovered a way to stop the spread of the virus-the extortioner WannaCry no longer works. The creators of the virus perfected its code and released a new version of malware

Hackers launched virus-extortionist WannaCry, updated the program and overrode the lock, which had stopped its spread, reports the edition Motherboard.

As explained by the publication, earlier the spread managed to block the British expert on cyber security, which leads Twitter MalwareTechBlog. He registered a domain name the name of which was contained in the code of the virus. The virus was addressed on this meaningless address and, if not received the answer, has continued to infect other computers. As soon as the British specialist registered this domain and it became available in the network, the virus began to get his response, and according to the underlying algorithm, if a reply is received — the spread was stopped.

The creators WannaCry rewrote code malware, learned edition Motherboard, and now it operates without recourse to domain Motherboard has warned that now the virus can re-infect computers. The peak of infections is expected on Monday, may 15, in connection with the beginning of the work week.

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