The desired income of Russian families has increased to a historic high

Russian family assess the income necessary for “normal life”, at 83.6 thousand RUB, according to the study “ROMIR”. Having survived the crisis, the Russians “forgot about modesty” and dramatically increased appetite, say the authors

The Russians after two years of crisis have dramatically increased their financial needs — a private assessment of family income, which is necessary for “normal life”. Annual survey on this subject conducted by the research holding “ROMIR”, by asking respondents the question “how much money should a family of three people living in their settlement, for “a normal life”.

Appetites are growing faster than inflation

The average desired income in one Russian family of three, two of which work amounted to 83.6 thousand rubles, according to the April survey. This is 10.9 thousand rubles (15%) more than in a similar survey a year ago. “ROMIR” explains “established consumer reality.” Despite official inflation at 5.6% by the end of 2016, ordinary citizens have formed their own picture of grocery prices. So today they realistically assess their physical needs, given the increased cost of goods and services, the authors of the study.

In General, the indicator preferred by the Russians income was the highest for all time of measurements (since 2009). According to “ROMIR”, 22% of families to ensure “normal life” I want to have 120 thousand roubles a month and above. A year ago without that income did not represent a normal life, only 10% of households.

Forgot about modesty

“ROMIR” compares the data of your survey with the average real income of households is estimated based on Rosstat data. In the previous two years, the figures were very close, that is, in a crisis the Russians have tempered appetites — “in difficult times, changing the style of consumption, there is a refocus on the Essentials”. In the same year, once again identified the gap between actual and desired income: the average family needs about 12 thousand rubles to meet their standard queries.

The analysis of the survey by ROMIR according to the Federal districts showed that only in the far East desired income and actual are almost identical (67-68 thousand rubles). In other districts, the needs differ with reality very much. So, with the average household income in the North West district 60 thousand RUB desired amount for a “normal life” there amounted to 101 thousand. A similar difference is visible in the Volga region — with the average household income at 40.8 thousand RUB, the region’s residents would like to have 75.7 thousand RUB. To the South and the North of the country, the gap between financial appetites and reality is almost 1.8 times.

Save women and seniors

The highest requirements to ensure “normal life” is traditionally present inhabitants of the cities. The average request for a family of three there amounted to 118 thousand cities with a population of up to half a million requests much more modest and amount to 85 thousand. In 2015, they were even more moderate — about 64 thousand RUB people in rural areas would suit perfectly an income of 67 thousand rubles. per month, which only confirms the fact that a significant proportion of their food basket they produce on their own.

According to “ROMIR”, the physical needs of women for many years be a little more modest economic desires of men. In turn, the financial appetites of young people for more than 17 thousand rubles. exceed the needs of those who are over 60.

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