The FAS dismissed the administrative case against Google

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has discontinued administrative proceedings against the American Corporation Google for failure to perform the requirements of the service. It follows from the message published on the official website of the Department.

As noted by the service, the case was dismissed on the eve, April 25, in connection with the conclusion of a settlement agreement between the competition Agency and the company.

Antitrust case between Google and the FAS began in February of 2015 after complaints by the Russian Internet company “Yandex”, which complained about the use of the American company “anticompetitive practices”. “Yandex” did not like the fact that Google, which owns mobile Android operating system prohibits other developers to preinstall apps on smartphones and tablets manufacturers Fly, Explay and Prestigio.

The Russian regulator has accused Goggle in violation of the law “On protection of competition” and ordered the company to exclude from the agreements with the manufacturers requirements that restrict the installation of applications and services of other developers.

In late September, Google started to alert users on devices using the Android operating system that they can install on their devices a third-party search services. FAS, in turn, called these measures “insufficient”.

On 17 April, the regulator and the company entered into a settlement agreement which settled the conflict. Google, according to the agreement, will not prevent the installation of alternative services on smartphones and other devices based on Android, and will also pay a fine in the amount of 439 million rubles.

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