The Finance Ministry has proposed to penalize insurers for delay of payments on OSAGO

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The Ministry of Finance has prepared a number of amendments to the law on insurance, involving, in particular, the imposition of sanctions for insurance companies for delayed payments. The penalty can be 200 rubles. for each day of delay

The Ministry of Finance of Russia has prepared a set of amendments to the current law on CTP for consideration in the spring session. In particular, it is proposed to introduce penalties for insurers for late payments, is to divide the policies into three types, depending on the size of the insurance sum and to adjust the rates for auto insurance. A copy of the draft amendment have with RBC.

According to the document office “to ensure the proportionality of the penalty to the size of delayed or unpaid insurance payments” provides for sanctions for insurance companies. The penalty is set at 200 rubles. for each day of delay, which corresponds to the existing size (0.05% of the sum insured). According to the draft amendments, the maximum size of the fine is limited to 10 thousand.

The project also provides for separation of insurance policies into three types, depending on the size of the insurance amounts. Thus, the client of the insurance company in addition to the existing compensation (400 thousand rubles for the damage caused to the property, and 500 thousand rubles for the harm caused to the life or health of the victim) may choose to be reimbursed for the property and health of 1 million or 2 million rubles. As explained in the document, the insurance payment under the contract of insurance is increasingly not enough for full compensation of harm, caused to life, health and property of victims in the accident. This leads to “dissatisfaction of consumers of the services of insurers on compulsory insurance”.

In addition, the document proposes to amend the current system of tariffs CTP, which, in the opinion of the authors of the amendments, does not allow insurance companies to provide discounts to policyholders based on their personal characteristics, qualification requirements and driving style. For example, proposed to reduce the impact on the cost of the policy the power factor of the vehicle. In the first stage, insurers will be asked to independently determine the approach to the establishment of coefficients of insurance tariffs.

In the same amendment, the Ministry of Finance proposes to amend the system of discounts for accident-free driving, which will now need to consider the driving history of each driver: the availability and amount of insurance payments as a result of road accidents, caused by each driver, for all vehicles under its control, as well as all the contracts of obligatory insurance, including restricting the number of persons admitted to management vehicle.

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