“The first channel” resumed cooperation with Mediascope teleseriale

“The first channel” became a client of teleseriala Mediascope. Cooperation between the broadcaster and the company was interrupted 12 years ago, amid disagreements on the methods of audience measurement

“The first channel” has resumed after a 12-year break, the cooperation with Mediascope (formerly TNS Russia), which is engaged in measurement of audience of different media in Russia. On conclusion of the agreement between the channel and the company reports Tuesday, March 14, profile publication Adindex, citing sources close to the broadcaster and to the meter.

The General Director “the First channel” Konstantin Ernst, confirmed the resumption of cooperation with teleseriale. “The signing of this contract was preceded by our long negotiations and discussions with the company “Mediastop” telemetry system and the need for its transformation” — quoted by Ernst in a statement, “First channel”.

“We expect that this system, as we were assured, indeed, will change, will improve significantly and the result after a short time will show the real picture of viewership in the country. So in a sense, we signed a contract with the future “Mediaskopas”, — said in a statement.

The signing of the contract confirmed by the press service of Mediascope.

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