“The gift of the President”: the Olympic BMW X6 already put up for sale

One of the cars awarded by the President of the Russian Olympic athletes at a ceremony in the Kremlin, it was for sale.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

An announcement appeared on the portal auto.ru and after a short time it was removed for an unknown reason, although it remained in the files of the website.

Over 4 million 670 thousand rubles, buyers are offered to buy BMW X6 that is one of the cars, handing over the gold at the Olympics. Note that this is the price of a new car in the showroom.

In the accompanying text to the ad said that “the machine issued by the President of Russia VV Putin!” (spelling preserved — ed.).

Also specified that it is “for the Olympic gold!!!”.

Mentioned and technical characteristics of the car: “the Car is new! xDrive 3.5 diesel,306 l/s,completing luxury. The car is insured!Bargaining is strictly in the bonnet. Help auto sales do not need!!!”.

Read how the Olympians were awarded cars.

The seller was provided a certain Catherine from Khimki. As found by the journalists nn.ru she is the facilitator for one of the participating teams in synchronized swimming. The girl explained that the champion only recently got my license, not used to “this size” and not even able to leave for a donated car from the Kremlin.

Watch the video on “Russian Champions and medal winners at the Games in Rio gave the snow-white BMW”

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