The group “Antares” Yevgeny Roitman has submitted the claim about bankruptcy

Yevgeny Roitman

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The court submitted the claim about bankruptcy of the company “Antares” Eugene Roitman, who planned to create a fifth of the Federal operator of mobile communication of LTE. To construct the fourth generation network (4G) and compete with the core players of the new investors are still unable

Bankruptcy LLC “Antares” was registered on February 13, the Moscow Arbitration court, the filing of cases. The lawsuit was filed by OOO “Atiks”. As explained RBC, the CEO of the claimant Sergey Ambrosimov, he was associated with debt “Antares” about 13 mln for the installation of base stations.

The group “Antares” (includes the company “Antares”, “Arcturus” and “Integral”) was registered in 2007. All legal entities within the group, owned by Cyprus “, Ronelia limited”, but its ultimate beneficiaries were never disclosed. The main shareholder of the market participants have always believed the businessman Yevgeny Roitman, and he didn’t deny it. This information also confirms the source of RBC in an environment of the businessman. For several years since the inception of the group were in her company were able to obtain the permission of the state Commission for radio frequencies (SCRF) for the construction of LTE mobile network in the band 1900-1920 MHz across the country.

In 2015, the company’s partner became a millionaire Musa Bazhayev, co-owner of “Russian platinum” and “Group Alliance”. In the same year, Antares has planned to launch LTE network in Moscow and the Moscow region, and in 2016 to go to other regions. Among the partners of the operator has been a Chinese manufacturer of telecommunication equipment Huawei and infrastructure company “Russian towers”. However, the company ran into problems with the permissions on the frequency resource. The first “Antares” through court tried to bind the scrd to allow to use the frequency 1980-2000 MHz, but to no avail. Then, the company has altogether seized part of the frequency bands in Moscow to create a guard interval to the company network “T2 RTK holding” (renders mobile communication services under the Tele2 brand). Last started in the capital of 3G and 4G in the fall of 2015, without the guard interval in the network could cause interference.

According to Ambrosimova, since July last year, the staff of the “Antares” “actually stopped working, the new CEO does not communicate”. “We were among the first to creditors of the company received the writ of execution, therefore, were able to submit the claim about bankruptcy”, — said the interlocutor of RBC.

In July 2016, “Kommersant” reported that “Antares” left her CEO Dmitry Bragin. At that time, the employees of the group for about three months did not receive salaries, the company did not pay the rent position of the base station and the switch, the shareholders stopped funding.

The representative of the “Antares” refused to comment on the claim about bankruptcy. Also received the representative of the “Group Alliance”. The source of RBC familiar with the position of the group, noted that it does not control the project, it is non-core and “it is neither the intention nor the money to compete with the “big three”.

One of the big four without an alternative

When in 2010 Russia began to discuss the need for the provision of frequency resource for the new at that time, the mobile standard LTE, the desire to develop it said several new for Telecom investors. In particular, the “Osnova Telecom”, among the shareholders of which the businessman Vitaly Yusufov, and “Rosenergoatom” (RET, among the owners are Gregory Berezkin) asked the scrd to allocate frequency resource for the development of 4G without competition. This request was met with stiff resistance from major mobile operators. MTS, “MegaFon” and “VimpelCom” have written a collective letter in the name who was at that time a post of the Minister of communications and mass communications Igor Schegolev, and also to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev, in which was asked to allocate a frequency resource for LTE on the basis of transparent competition, the tender or auction. The Troika pointed out that new players will not be able to run the project and created only for resale to existing operators. How, then, was assessed by the representatives of the “big three”, the creation of the Federal mobile network from scratch requires five to seven years, investments in the amount of $5-7 billion, and also a large number of highly qualified specialists and the availability of other necessary conditions, which new players with no.

Authorities eventually listened to the opinion of key players and played frequency resource for 4G in the competition in 2012. The winner in addition to the “big three” became “Rostelecom”, which later transferred a resource in “T2 RTK holding” (“Rostelecom” owns 45% of the company).

The group “Antares”, in contrast to the “fundamentals of Telecom” and “Rosenergoatom”, asked me to allow her to develop the 4G connection on the frequencies on which the “big four” did not apply. However, as noted by the analyst iKS-Consulting Maxim Savvatin, “Antares” was originally planned to develop “a fairly exotic range” in which “it is difficult to build something decent”. “As in many other countries, in Russia the market of mobile communication of new players rests on the issue of availability of frequency resources. It is a limited resource. And what a great band will receive one by the player, the higher speed will get the subscriber in the network of this operator,” says Savvatin. He recalled that in Russia, unlike Western countries, at frequencies suitable for 4G development, work with other systems, including for military purposes. “This further complicates the already difficult situation with the search for frequencies for mobile operators”, — adds the analyst iKS-Consulting.

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