The housekeeper was stealing money to buy her granddaughter a car for a wedding

A housekeeper, which for half a year during the cleaning of the apartment the couple stole a sum of money equal to the value of the car, detained on the day guards Khimki near Moscow.

photo: Moi

As told “MK” the victim Victoria, some time ago the former AU pair had decided to change jobs and have recommended his 62-year-old friend, guest workers from Kiev named Nina. That made for Victoria and her fiancé a very pleasant experience. The woman told that for a long time works as a housekeeper and nanny, and also works successfully in a wealthy family, helping to look after the child and household. Victoria agreed with the worker that will be coming on Saturday and for 1,500 rubles to vacuum, MOP the floor and wipe the dust.

“Nina is very well versed in the household, always knew how to bring a particular spot. In addition, she was very pleasant to talk to. I fed her tea and homemade cookies, and she emotionally talked about the small pleasures, for example, he loves to go for mushrooms and large tragedies — a loss in 2015 of one of the sons, — said Victoria. d

Meanwhile, some time after the start of Nina (the woman started to come into the family in December 2015) in a family of young people get in trouble. The pair began to suspect each other of excessive spending.

“We have agreed to defer from their wages money for a holiday in Cyprus. Kept the money in my wallet lying on the bedside table. And then began to notice the loss,” explained Victoria. For example, my fiance put 60 thousand roubles from the salary, and after a while the money was not found. At first he thought that they took I’ll. Also my attachments. In the end, we decided to check the worker”.

To expose the evil pair managed through wit and competent work operatives Ministry of internal Affairs of Khimki. Preparing for another visit Nina, Victoria photocopied banknotes stored in the nightstand. And placed the camera in the bedroom and connect it to your phone that allows you to track the events in real time.

Victoria could not believe my eyes when I saw such a sweetheart to talk to the woman quietly climbed into the bedside table with personal belongings and took money and after some time came out of the bedroom and quietly began to talk on different topics. According to Victoria, during the work the maid has stolen about 200 thousand roubles. Perhaps

with the money she wanted to buy a wedding gift to his granddaughter — car. About this event the thief talked constantly. The police detained the villain at the exit from the entrance. Perhaps the housekeeper involved in similar crimes is now checked.

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