The largest seller of television advertising prepared to change CEO

The CEO of the NRA, the main seller of advertising on Russian television, Soboleva is his can become Sergei Vasiliev. Previously, he was CEO of Vi, with the participation of which were created by the NRA, but only one of the top managers have not moved into the new structure

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The CEO of the seller of television advertising National advertising Alliance (NRA) is his can become Sobolev, Sergei Vasilyev, said AdIndex, citing sources in the company — the founder of the NRA. According to interlocutors of the edition, in the beginning of next week will be a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Alliance, the results of which can wait “important for the entire industry” ad. The representative of the NRA left a request to RBC without comment.

The NRA was created in the summer of 2016, VGTRK, “First channel”, “Gazprom-Media” and the National media group, by combining Vi (previously “Video of Interneshnl”) and the sales house “Gazprom-Media”. Currently, it is the main seller of advertising on Russian television. Led the Alliance Oganes Sobolev is one of the founders of Vi, he was also in charge of the Industrial Committee on TV audience measurement. The new structure has passed all the leading members of Vi, and the sales house “Gazprom-Media”, in addition to General Director Vi Sergey Vasiliev, who worked on his projects.

The sides AdIndex explain possible changes the fact that founders are dissatisfied with the outcome of the NRA. According Publicis Groupe Media Russia, which analyzed data from Mediascope, in January—February 2017 the total available advertising time has decreased on 14 of the 22 Federal channels. In particular, the duration of advertising blocks have fallen on TNT, NTV and “Match TV”.

Dialogue with advertisers, the NRA began with the announcement about the increase in 2017 prices on television advertising an average of 15%: the corresponding statement the seller made on his first presentation

in October 2016. Then the interlocutor of RBC in one of the largest companies-advertisers, said that “this amount of advertising money out of the country and after this rising prices, the advertising market will shrink”.

In addition to the head of the NRA in the near future may change and the structure of its back office — the so-called New service company, which was established in October 2016, according to AdIndex. This structure provides the IT and analytical support of the NRA, and also acts as the agent for the sales of regional advertising. New service company also has promotion houses of online advertising IMHO and Gazprom-Media Digital.

According to Association of communication agencies of Russia (AKAR), the Russian advertising market in 2016, rose by 11% to a record 360 billion rubles Segment TV advertising showed a slightly worst performance — 10% (150,8 billion rubles). The fastest growing segment was online advertising, the volume of which increased by 21% to 136 billion rubles.

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