The law on big data will allow the Russians to prohibit the collection of data about themselves

Igor Shchegolev

Photo: Oleg Yakovlev / RBC

Users can get the opportunity to prohibit companies to collect about itself “big data”. Such a possibility may appear in legislation for the regulation of large user data, said in an interview with RBC assistant to the President Igor Schegolev

As told by presidential aide Igor Shchegolev in an interview with RBC, in developing new law on “large user data”, it may be possible for users to prohibit the use of own data network operators and other companies.

“Users, when signed user agreements, understand that their data is required for so-and-so. But over time they were used differently. People should be understanding that they are collected and for what purposes it is used. Must be able to say: “I am ready such data to provide ready and that they are thus used, and this is not ready. So, please, this data is more about me do not use,” — said Shchegolev. According to him, they do not stand for a ban on such a practice and for “users more opportunities to influence the fate of the data that he received.”

The Deputy President noted that with the development of industrial Internet and Internet of things the amount of data which will definitely find the person with whom this information refers will increase. These data cannot always be directly classified as personal, but some of them “is on the verge, in a gray area,” which is not yet adjusted.

In November 2016, the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said that the working group on the development of the Internet in the presidential administration, headed by Igor Shchegolev, began developing a draft law regulating the work with “big data user”. A clear definition of this concept does not yet exist. As explained by the representative of the working group, it’s all the user’s data, which collect information system and devices, including user profiles on Internet resources. According to the head of Roskomnadzor, this category of data include virtually all information about geolocation, biometrics, and also about user behavior on different sites. “All this is subject to the review of transnational Internet companies and obviously require regulation, as it is now the law “On personal data”, — said Zharov.

Personal data means information which can be linked to any specific individual. Movement of such data is regulated in Russia since 2007. In particular, from 1 September 2015, the law requires you to store the processed personal data of Russian citizens on the territory of Russia.

Telecom operators and Internet companies, in turn, operate on the concept of big data, or big data, which imply the analysis of large amounts of de-identified information about users. Representatives of Rostelecom, mobile operators “the big three” Internet companies “Yandex” and Mail.Ru Group previously called big data one of the directions of its growth.

In particular, in February this year “the Megaphone” has bought 15.2% of Mail.Ru Group (meet by 63.8 percent voting share of the company) for $740 million, of which $100 million will have to pay in a year. Among the arguments for the transaction including called one company the opportunity to use “big data” is another.

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