The lessons of hatred towards Russia will be included in the Ukrainian school curriculum

The program of the lessons of history from the Ukrainian of schoolchildren of 10-11 grades adjusted to focus on the confrontation with the Soviet Union and Russia.

A separate section in the educational program was “the Establishment and approval of the Soviet totalitarian regime in the years 1921-1939, which is called the period of mass repressions and terror. Children will in detail tell about “Soviet occupation of a free Ukraine,” on administrative-territorial changes of the Ukrainian lands to the Soviet Union, deportation of Crimean Tatars, etc. As iconic and heroic event seems to be the infamous battle of Kruty in 1918 — the confrontation “over Ukraine’s independence” between the group of Soviet troops and the armed militias of the Ukrainian people’s Republic.

Not surprising — this trend of rewriting history with an emphasis on “the eternal and original” confrontation with Ukraine, Moscow has lasted twenty years, — told “MK” the doctor of historical Sciences, scientific Director of the Russian military historical society Mikhail Myagkov. In Ukrainian textbooks and the battle of Poltava is called “defeat of the Ukrainian-Swedish soldiers from the Russian Imperial hordes”. And other similar vyvorachivayu history inside out have mass. Carefully ignored in the Soviet period the territory of Ukraine increased almost doubled due to the new Russia, the Eastern regions, the Crimea, finally… at the same time is a methodical campaign to discredit the overall episodes in the history of our countries — including the victory over fascism.

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